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  1. Arqangelx1

    The Balrog of Moria

    Best Balrog I've seen so far! Great work love all the details and how you sprinkled the "fire" all around! Is it possible to get the instructions? Would love to add it to my LOTR collection!
  2. Arqangelx1

    Hello! My name is Arqangel

    Thanks all :)
  3. Arqangelx1

    LOTR - Durin's Bane

    Thx for your comment Balbo and TheGreyPilgrim! I hope to see more LOTR MOCs to get inspired myself! so many missing sets... I will share some of the other small MOCs n MODs I've made later
  4. This is amazing! The scale, the detail, the design of each part! I wished I had enough pieces to even start one of the statues! Simply astonishing!
  5. Arqangelx1

    LOTR - Durin's Bane

    Hi everyone! This would be my first post although I've been reading this forum for years now. It's not as complex as some of the other MOCs I've seen here and my photography skills are not that great so I will have to learn from this post and try to make it better next time. Inspired by some of the works I've seen here and by the new Lego hulk buster armor I decided to take a shot at "The Balrog of Moria". As many here, I was quite disappointed that the Lego LOTR series wasn't continued and I wished Lego had made a proper set of the Balrog... but well it gave me an excuse to try my hand at MOCing (after so many years). Some of the pieces should be replaced once I get them in the proper colors, and I left some grey so that the figure wouldn't look so plain as I find happens sometimes when the design is monochrome. I decided not to try to make wings (I only have one pair of the black dragon wings and they are on my Fellbeast...) but instead just go for the general profile they should give. The fire on its back is a little random, I may just adjust it later, but for now I am quite please with how it turned out. I hope you guys enjoy it and leave me some comments! I will certainly try to learn from this experience and hope to post some more MOCs in the future. Cheers, DSC_0099 by arqangelx1, on Flickr DSC_0106 by arqangelx1, on Flickr DSC_0097 by arqangelx1, on Flickr DSC_0101 by arqangelx1, on Flickr And a final shot of the Moria section of my LOTR display area... DSC_0114 by arqangelx1, on Flickr I am new to posting stuff on forums, so I hope the images can show what I tried to make. You can see more at my Flick or ask for any other images! Thanks all enjoy!
  6. Hello everyone! My love for lego started a looong looong time ago, in a galazy far far away (as they say). But Ive moved countries a couples times since then and left all my legos behind. Sold or given away by my family as I didnt show much interest from afar. Now I'm over 30 and just got married a couple of years ago. To my surprise, mi wife bought as my 1st year anniversary present... a Lego set. She knew I really like Lord of the rings, and she knew I really liked Lego... So she said why not...? Well... that brought me back from the dark ages and since them I have started collecting Legos once more. I found this site around that time, and I have been looking a posts for a really long time, getting more and more interested in Lego. Now as an adult I'm surprise to find myself enjoying so much playing with Legos once more and I am even happier to see my kid (2.5 yr now) starting to love Legos too. I am certainly not as good as some of you are, I ve seen some really amazing things around but the passion you guys show has inspired me and reignitie muy own passion for Lego.