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  1. This wave isnt really that exciting. I think I will get the Y-wing but only when the price gets lovered. I like that it resembles Ralph Mcquarries concept art, thats why.
  2. Daimar

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I really hope they will re-release Fang-Suei or any of the other fangpyres, they are the only serpentine missing in my collection. I got late in to ninjago and I wanted to have at least one member of each serpentine tribe and the fangpyres are the ones that I am missing.
  3. I am so happy to finaly be able to get a Leia figure in her ANH attire and hair in a smaller set.
  4. Daimar

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    That sounds like the younger Lord Garmadon version from the Ninjago movie concept art.
  5. Daimar

    [Moc] Black Falcons vs lions

    This castle is just great, I really like the way you made (modernized) it and its allways nice to see those old castle minifigs in such great condition. One can tell that they are your favorites, because you have taken good care of them. Two of three, of my old lion knights have a really used up torso (you can hardly recognize the printing) which is a shame, but that could also be a compliment because they were and still are my favorite minifigs. But yours are just awesome, just like the whole moc/dirorama that you made.
  6. You mean the "Havoc Marauder"? That would be great, but my wallet is giving me a really sad look right now.
  7. Daimar

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Since the Bad Batch finally comes to the cartoon I really hope for the Havoc Marauder... ... this puppy is just begging to be made in Lego form. Just like the Banshee... ... the ship of Asajj Ventress from the Dark disciple book.
  8. Daimar

    Star Wars

    I am a big fan of the Clone Wars series, not so much of some of the sets (mainly because of the horrible minifig faces, the builds themselves were great), but the cartoon was really good and fun. I allways hoped, that Filloni would find a way to show us the last episodes, that he planed. Since I saw seargent Hunter in the trailer I am verry happy that we will finaly see the Bad Batch properly animated, I really loved that story reel of them. Its a shame that we probably wont get to see an animated version of "Dark disciple" (since it was made in to a book) and "Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir" (because they already made a comic), but who knows.
  9. The next episode is out on youtube.
  10. Episode 91 is out on youtube, I wont post a link, since I dont know if it is allowed. And now I wait for tomorow, to see episode 92.
  11. Daimar

    Star Wars

    I saw the movie yesterday and am verry pleased with it.
  12. Daimar

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    The "spinners"/ dragon masters are out, here, in some shops, in Slovenia. Which means, that the other sets are about 2 weeks away to follow them. Thats how it usually goes here.
  13. Well the price was/is really high, but I wanted an OT Tie for so long, that I started saving for it the moment I knew, that it will be released, and since I dont plan to buy any other SW sets in this year, I think, that I made a good decision. I could have waited a bit more, but I just couldnt, when I saw it at my shop. The build was fun but also very nervous. I started building it and saw, that there were 5 bags in the box and when I looked at the instructions there were only 4 bags drawn in it. I oppened all the bags and compared the parts with the parts list at the end of the instructions, thank goodnes, nothing was missing. The parts in bag no. 3, were in two seperate bags, which was strange, since this is the first time I ever saw this happening.
  14. Daimar

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Exactly, and it reminds me, a bit, on the Battleramm, from the original Masters of the universe toyline, which was a toy that I allways loved.
  15. Nope, I bought the blue resistance X-Wing, last year, so I am satisfied, with that one since I like the design better. My young Luke is Blue-5 not Red-5 .