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  1. Well played, you have won this bit of the internet today For those who weren't in on usenet 26 years ago, the correct answer to "greatest year" was universally agreed to be 1997 Or 1994. Or 1990. Or 1987, Or 1982, 1978 etc etc. Isn't the new meme for this GOAT? Pls send me 'old man strokes beard' emojis, will greatly enjoy.
  2. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    The green one is quite Trenord Caravaggio-ish eh.
  3. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Creator Expert trains are dull, they cause an unavoidable sense of guilt when crashing them. And Lego trains are for crashing. In totally totally totally unrelated news I'll shortly be selling a mostly complete TGV twin-pack, a partially complete Maersk set, and a very incomplete Emerald Night engine.
  4. andythenorth

    Lego clearly doesnt want my money!

    And the bigger 10017 hopper wagon was 228 pieces, which would suggest around £18 - £24 for that. I've been selling single wagons on eBay - both official TLG and MOCs. They do sell at around £18 for a 2-wheel wagon, and £22-£24 for a larger 4 wheel bogie wagon. The smaller wagons won't sell above £20 and the large wagons just don't sell above £25. They sell relatively slowly, and it's the same few people buying them, 1 or 2 at a time, suggesting the market is not large.
  5. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Sorry I forgot this was the 2022 thread, not the "lego don't want my money thread", apologies
  6. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Interesting link thanks I am aware that clone brand discussion is not really accepted on Eurobricks (or historically it certainly wasn't, maybe I missed a recent memo), so I will try to limit what I say here. But the Bluebrixx stuff does look really nice. Obviously, plastic quality clutch power etc may vary, but the sticker price seems very fair. I was always against the nastier clones, since Megablocks emerged 20 years or so ago, because the aesthetics of their designs were horrible. And I don't like the ones that just steal TLG or AFOL IP. But some of the Bluebrixx looks really nice. The DB double deck pax car for example, or the Santa Fe Alco A-B-A set I have personally made my peace with certain clone stuff: first it was things like BuWizz which are just unique and extend the ecosystem. More recently I have been buying clone Power Functions motors and receivers, which TLG no longer produce. The quality is very hit and miss, but eh. The prices aren't excessive. Any serious AFOL train fan might want to make their peace with clone stuff, and many probably have. And at this point 'clone' is probably the wrong term anyway for hobby sellers and companies producing unique designs and parts. Of course, purist TLG collectors won't want to cross that bridge, but they make a hobby out of being dissatisfied anyway, it's a sort of form of voluntary masochism / unrequited love affair ("TLG just don't love me back")
  7. andythenorth

    Lego clearly doesnt want my money!

    How much would you pay for it? (Local currency of your choice).
  8. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    This comment is far too reasonable, you need to increase the amount of froth
  9. andythenorth

    Lego clearly doesnt want my money!

    So the official user forum then?
  10. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    You're quite right, those 9v sets were pretty terrible.. The Metroliner looks nothing like an actual Amtrak Metroliner, nor like any other Amtrak train. The 4564 yellow cargo train has such silly wagons. The van has a ridiculous 'flip letters and parcels out of an open door' play feature. The hopper sacrifices realism and capacity to include an opening door mechanism that only a child could love. The flatbed is side-loaded by a skip-loader/ hook-type truck, this is completely unrealistic. As for the Santa Fe 301, it's a reasonable reproduction of an EMD F unit, but the nose is just made of crude bricks, it's not even completely SNOT. The horns are ridiculously oversized, and the underframe detail is just a sticker. It's really not a patch on my Athearn Genesis HO Santa Fe F-units. Only a child could love Lego Trains.
  11. andythenorth

    Lego clearly doesnt want my money!

    The lifespan of kids' interest in Lego Trains is probably 2-7 years on average. My kids interest disappeared after about 5 years. Most of the play value was in building crazy tracks over obstacles, or building a few train MOCs. They had almost zero interest in what TLG official train sets were. Most of their friends had an official set, e.g. the recent cargo or passenger trains, but none of them are very interested. So I think you're correct, it doesn't matter to kids. Unrelated, but as a seller in the secondary market, the interest in Lego Trains is minimal, except for sales of spare Emerald Night passenger cars. Sales of OO/HO trains go much much faster, for higher prices, for items in worse condition. I've been selling scrap OO trains from the 1980s/90s, which adult collectors buy for spare parts / restoration. These items sell almost instantly on eBay, and at a higher sale price than Lego train wagons in barely-used condition.
  12. andythenorth

    LEGO Trains 2022

    They don't want your money. How many times does this sub-forum have to say the same thing? Your conclusions are correct, 200 or so train AFOLs world-wide does not make a market for Lego. At some point you all have to go down the grief -> acceptance journey. For your own peace of mind etc. It's a construction toy, get creative?
  13. andythenorth

    Selling - Train MOCs / official from set (UK)

    Added more items: Steel coil transporters: Emerald Night original coach: 3677 side tipping wagon: 6098 hopper wagon: Technic beam clearout (100% to charity):
  14. Hi, To make space, I have to sell some Lego Trains The first batch (wagons) are now listed on eBay UK. I would be able to ship outside the UK, buyer pays cost for postage (and any customs fees or other taxes). I'll list more in future, including a two-pack of the orange Creator TGV, mostly complete, but not guaranteed no pieces are missing Emerald Night passenger car partially complete Emerald Night engine partially complete Maersk 10219 set with wagons, containers, incomplete GP40-2 about 20 more MOC or official-from-set wagons Open to enquiries via DMs, but strict hassle-free sale rules. Price is the price, no negotiation Payment upfront by Paypal before shipping Items sold as seen in any photos my eBay seller rep shows I'm reliable and can be trusted Sorry to be strict, but we've all dealt with unreliable nightmare buyers, life is too short
  15. andythenorth

    Lego clearly doesnt want my money!

    Lol. This fallacy. What actually happened is that people are just people, and seem to be consistently about the same as far as common sense goes, from the cultural evidence we have. And in the past what happened is, a lot of people got dead. From many many things. But probably not from Lego Trains eh. GG WP.