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  1. andythenorth

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Forwarder is soooooo ugly. I'm a buy it
  2. Googling 'why people think the past was better than the present' gets a lot of results I've been around Lego Technic since 8841 . It's not getting worse. Extreme voices tend to dominate internet forums.
  3. When to use the highlight colour is a judgement call. My further £0.02: foreground is background, only a few things can be highlighted balance and visual rhythm matter, there needs to be a cadence to the use of highlights the highlight colour can be applied to parts that move interestingly the highlight colour can be applied at transition zones, e.g changes of direction, splits of motion etc the highlight colour can be used to relieve a large block of background colour sometimes it's just dictated by available parts
  4. I like to use yellow, sparingly, for parts that move. The rest I mix LBG, DBG and black in whatever way seems right. It's great to have a colour theme. But it's also good to judge by eye what looks like, and not be slave to a rule
  5. andythenorth

    Is using SBrick cheating?

    It's not cheating. It's just expensive 😉
  6. Wow do we have enough 2018 threads yet? Maybe I start another
  7. +1. What I've seen so far is potato/potato compared to PF 1.0 I'd be happy to see: the adapter to PF 1.0 support for more than one device per output (already often mentioned here and in train PU thread)
  8. andythenorth

    [MOC] Learning Curve Tow Truck

    Nice truck. Is there some kind of list of how to an 'approved' Eurobricks MOC? Like some instructions for a MOC or something I can get so I can make a winning 'my MOC' thread? Sorry, being naughty, maybe ignore that Yours is more finished than mine
  9. andythenorth

    Steel Mill Wheeled Vehicles

    I can't find any steel mill vehicles. I found a city-style straddle carrier with technic wheels, but it's for intermodal containers Found this Kress carrier MOC. It's a mine hauler, but Kress also produce steel industry vehicles. The hauler users the Kress independent wheel units which might be worth a look. Be interested to see how you get on. I drew some mill haulers for a game once in pixel art (similar to the dozer in my avatar icon).
  10. +1 It's a 30-years-newer equivalent of this box my school had, which let BBC Micro programs control Lego 9v motors. Except no box needed, just laptop
  11. andythenorth

    JCB Fastrac

    The design of mine looks old now, I've thought about rebuilding it to take advantage of new parts. But eh :)
  12. Most all kids toys in the UK have screws on the battery compartments now. It's annoying, but I guess we don't want kids eating batteries eh? Especially leaking ones
  13. andythenorth

    JCB Fastrac

    I did a Fastrac with one HoG steering gear for each axle. Crude, but eh, simple mechanism Supports 4 basic modes: front steer, rear steer, both axles opposed, both axles aligned (crab). High play value, but I get no prize for neat technical solution
  14. Nice. That M motor on the boom.... if only we had an 'S'