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  1. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    This many blues does not my boat float. I'm not a serious AFOL, just casual, but I've been avoiding light blue sets because there are too many variations.
  2. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Might have been spotted before, but 42069 looks 'inspired by' Ken Block's Hoonigan F150 with tracks
  3. [MOC] Mid-Engine Drift Car

    I like the stripped body and the blue spoiler, so eh
  4. [MOC] Sand Jeep

    No it won't Motors forcibly slow down or speed up in response to load all the time. When cornering, the variable speed of the inner and outer wheels just varies the load on each motor. Lego motors are just cans in a plastic case, with some gears. They're not precision industrial motors with constant-speed controls. There's nothing there that's going to be significantly damaged in the short term by this setup. One motor might probably draw a few more mA than the other one, and it will run a bit warmer, so if you left the vehicle going round in circles for days, one motor might have a shorter lifespan than the other, but nothing to write home about If you really stalled one, the thermal protection would kick in. I'd love to see Philo comment on the topic, but eh. If the motors were constant-speed each with their own motor driver, then yes, this would be a valid concern, and the vehicle would try and run in a straight line, like a mechanically coupled axle with no diff. But I've run one-motor-per-wheel, quite a lot. If it was a problem, this vehicle with one L motor per-wheel wouldn't turn on a dime Especially given it has no weight over the steer axle, so the steer wheels are prone to floating. But it works fine see the video Sorry for hijacking this thread - I sometimes see a bit of angst in Eurobricks about using multiple motors, it's mostly no drama.
  5. [MOC] Sand Jeep

  6. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Eh so that's what 8109 was inspired by. Nice find
  7. What is happening to lego trains?

    I know! And the red European-style cargo train was just a repeat of the one from 2003! And that was a repeat of the one from 1994!! Imagine! And even worse, the heavy haul overhead crane is just a repeat of this crane from 1978!
  8. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Where would the 4 large gear racks be used on a grader? Two of them could raise and lower the circle maybe?
  9. Using L-motor to power crawler

    Keep it simple eh? 1 L-Motor per wheel, one gear pair. Very strong, very robust, very easy to repair. Performance (click picture for video) Untitled Gallery of axle construction: Easy to regear also. Version with Power Puller wheels (click picture for video)
  10. PFx Brick video test

    Convinced me to back it, cheers. Hope this one gets funded.
  11. reducing noise xl motors

    Are you sure? Sound = energy. More sound = more power diverted to losses, not output at axle. Genuine question, as I don't know the answer.
  12. I'd want to see it in a 2x2 (width, height) form factor, but that makes it very hard to provide BI points for pins, eh? Length, no specific preference.
  13. Custom micro motor adapter

    This looks great. I hold out hope that TLG produces a PF 's' motor with roughly these dimensions
  14. Big or Small

    Big is mostly a matter of money and patience. There's less creativity or skill in a big model, except to make it structurally strong enough. I've built big, but now I want to build small. I'm hoping that small RC models are more fun, more performant, and don't take 6-12 months to complete (and £££s of bricklink orders also). Too big, too much time, too little result
  15. How many spare parts do you have?

    About 30k or 40k, and the rest built up (out of sight in the attic).