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  1. Where to get PF cable for DIY LED lighting

    +1 just cut up the expansion wires. Simplest solution. You're not doing much harm there, Lego can always make more
  2. [MOC] LEGO Forwarder XXL

    Impressive. I built a thing that hauled about 7KGs, but I think you could fairly call me a cheat
  3. 2018 Lego Trains, in stock, $2.99 USD for the short one, $3.99 USD for the long one, also available in European prices.
  4. If the track is flat, just do two big swingarms on the rear to a beam axle, and one or two springs. It will only move up and down parallel to the chassis, no twist, but will take out shock loads. I just built one of my kids a PF buggy this way.
  5. I like the symmetry of the extra outriggers, but you don't need them "It's done not when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing more to take away" <- I'm quoting (misquoting?) somebody there, didn't look up who
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    FYI, for AFOLs, Bricklink offers some of the older train stuff at fair prices. This crane sells for same price TLG would charge for it retail if released now, it's a good set:{"ss":"UK","iconly":0} TLG included an updated version of this in one of the recent freight sets . If they did that standalone as a Great Vehicle set, with a tipping bed or crane, and 2 coupler pieces included (for shunting freight cars), it would be a nice complement to both trains and city (fits with the city trams as well as trains). The rest: you want em, you build em
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    When I was a kid I used to buy from the 'order parts' form in the back of the catalogue. Pick-a-brick on has train wheels, but not couplings or baseplates (as far as I can see using the filters - might be wrong). I'm an AFOL, but I have no interest in buying trains other than the sets (for my kids). But I did buy a lot of train parts from Bricklink, which my kids are now using to build MOCs. If you're not an AFOL and not savvy about Bricklink, there's no obvious way from TLG to build yourself more trains. Unless I'm just looking at pick-a-brick wrong
  8. My guess is it it's usually a child safety issue. I always build clutches into winches even though it makes them unplayable. I do that because I've seen kids wrap the line around themselves both intentionally and accidentally. If the line constricts the windpipe it's potentially fatal. I'm just guessing though, and off-topic.
  9. Have you tried Boost? The single-piece motor battery box is limited, but it's not awful. It has additional ports for motors / sensors. It wouldn't be good for Technic PF system, but in the Boost context it's pretty ok.
  10. [MOC] Mitsubishi Pajero

    Nice MOC. I wanted to buy a Pajero IRL, but I bought a Ford Transit Custom instead. How about a MOC of that next? Nineteen/20151018_085843-1_zpsorow7ffd.jpg.html (not mine)
  11. Aesthetics and Technics

    I wish we could shout 'noob' more, like people in the online tank game I play. No I don't actually.
  12. Aesthetics and Technics

    [shrug] I don't disagree with the OP that this happens, but so what eh?