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  1. andythenorth

    AWD - independent axles

    I've built trucks with 8 separate L motors (1 per wheel). It's all fine. No harm to the motors. Major battery drain with 8 L motors, but eh :)
  2. andythenorth

    4DBrix goes DIY

    Blah blah blah blah...have most posters actually read the 4DBrix announcement? Or is it the usual AFOL dribble? They're not exiting, they're transitioning to a model where they release the IP and stop the manufacturing / shipping side. If they *can* find local 3D print operators, then shipping costs etc are local. So the 'US = high prices' issue vanishes. If they can't, then clearly no demand. Lot of blather about IP and markets and competition and all this crap. It's a micro business. All AFOL train stuff is a hill of beans. Nobody gets rich on it.
  3. andythenorth

    Olympus OM1

    That's a nostalgia trip, I have an OM2 in my cupboard. Well played
  4. andythenorth

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    What, the keyboard doesn't work for 3 years in a row? Sent from my Macbook Pro.
  5. andythenorth

    What's with all the Technic hate?

    Wow, you've all been on forums how long? And you fell for this 'promote my brand' I-have-1-post shitposting? You must all be bored on lockdown.
  6. andythenorth

    Official poll about future Technic sets!

    Not really a poll eh, more a speak-your-brains. Wonder how well that's going to work :D
  7. andythenorth

    [TMC1] 8081 SRT Tremor

    Or this?
  8. andythenorth

    [TMC1] 8081 SRT Tremor

    "You end up with a vehicle that is not sporty, but more sporty than a pickup." We have Sport Transits. They're rad though :)
  9. It's two parts, the top cap is separate, but they are glued and not easy to remove. I did it many years ago, but can't remember how. There was an unsuccessful attempt, which sliced the top cap off permanently. There was a partly successful attempt, which might have used something to soften the glue, but I can't remember what (solvent, heat, hot water, can't remember). At minimum, the part ends up heavily marked, and can't be reassembled perfectly . The starting point is the line between the top cap and the cylinder, patiently use a scalpel (x-axcto knife) to open up the gap and try to break the glue connection, then lever the cap upwards patiently. It's not easy.
  10. andythenorth

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    The rest of it looks rad to me. Just the windscreen rake is so weirdly wrong. Anyway, it's not causing the sky to fall imho, Lego is changeable. Just weird. Unrelated, did I miss the introduction of a new stronger universal joint somewhere? Or is there a stronger CV now? There'll be at least one carrying drivetrain through the center articulation joint. Standard universal won't last long, even if the hub reduction is high.
  11. andythenorth

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    I tend to agree, I just find it weird as there's no rationale for producing something so ugly. The simpler explanation really would be assembly error, rather than assuming a bad design no? Or is this just now standard AFOL opinion on Lego? Pretty much everything Lego produce is now hated here. Anyway, the 42030 B model had a much more sophisticated cab shape, with the correct backwards-sloping rake to the windshield.
  12. andythenorth

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    That page 1 image, the actual assembled truck, that cab can't have been built right. That does happen for toy show demo models sometimes. It just looks wrong, whatever the realistic proportions, that cab is plain ugly. Not going to pile on about the rest of it. Will wait reviews. It's a big RC dumper, probably pretty playable imho. FWIW, 42070, which I think is 50% lame (too big, too empty, too much ££) kids love. But eh, I don't really buy Lego any more, it's all been done before and I've got cupboards full of the stuff. Where's the lolz eh?
  13. andythenorth

    E-Drive and PE-Drive

    This will be interesting. Are you building a bench test rig first, or going straight to the final train?
  14. andythenorth

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Can we keep the politics crap out of Eurobricks? Thanks.
  15. andythenorth

    Rubber technic pieces?

    Correct, they will move when a load is applied, but they won't flop around freely like a simple pivot. I don't know if they're really strong enough for a torsion bar / trailing arm type suspension, didn't try that