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  1. andythenorth

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    +1 Bumping the limits of... how much I'm prepared to pay for a Lego set how much time it takes to build, and when the fun runs out how fun the model is to play with / how well it performs, bigger isn't always better how much space the model takes up to store And most of all, how much my wife is going to troll me about buying more Lego. 'It cost how much?' Fortunately, smaller sets are available
  2. andythenorth

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Do we need to bag on the kid here? It's not like the internet is short of that already.
  3. andythenorth

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    The old 24t clutch is an absolute dog. As Lego parts go, it's one of the worst. Totally useless Clutch is an essential safety feature in some models, but it has to carry *some* torque before slipping. The white 24t clutch does not
  4. I prefer tactile controls to those on glass. But to be strict, in at least one of the US Navy crashes, the reported issue was that the controls can be moved between workstations, AND they were believed to have been moved to the wrong workstation causing a perceived loss of control over the vessel's steering, AND certain safeguards were disabled which are supposed to prevent these situations arising. For Control+ the loss of tactility is a trade off against having very custom, very flexible control interfaces. PF bang-bang and train remotes are also pretty underwhelming as tactile controls go. Bang bang has no proportional control. The train remote is borderline unusable as it's a continuous dial in both directions, but offering +/-7 speed increments, which is confusing, so it's hard to use even though it's tactile. Swings <=> roundabouts.
  5. andythenorth

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    At the risk of derailing the thread, I am neither a pro-graderist, nor an anti-graderist, but here's some grader functions blade height and tilt angle blade side shift blade rotation (circle) front-wheel oscillation (pendular suspension) front wheel steering frame articulation (combined with steer, the front wheels can be offset substantially to follow a different track from the rear rear wheel chain drive, with independent swing suspension on each side optional rear ripper / scarifier optional ditching / sidewalk snowplough extension engine + transmission rotating light beacon! Much pneumatics would be needed, the recent long thin cylinders look perfect Would my kids want it? Hard to say Would I buy it as an AFOL? No. With that much pneumatics would be £200+
  6. andythenorth

    Planetary hub internals

    'openable' and 'reliably waterproof' tend to be opposed goals in product manufacturing.
  7. andythenorth

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    They bought Discos in spades so eh. The Defender was only kept alive in the UK by it's insanely high legal towing capacity which kept utilities buying it, and some big MoD orders for the Wolf, which was a very expensive modified Defender that actually worked I've driven Discos, Defenders and Range Rovers off-road. The bubble-gum school run Disco is surprisingly capable. The Defender is underwhelming, All that said, I'm stirring the pot a bit. I'd rather have a Transit.
  8. andythenorth

    Programming Technic Control+ hub

    Ever use one of these? Had a logo-ish control program.
  9. andythenorth

    Programming Technic Control+ hub

    Off-topic, @plingboot is your nick a Risc OS reference?
  10. andythenorth

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    [Off topic] So....anyone connected a PU / Control+ motor to the new pneumatic valves yet? The new motors support precise angles....proportional valve control?
  11. andythenorth

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    Most lolz thread in a while. Want my pictures of the old CV joints with the lugs twisted off?
  12. andythenorth

    Marker lights on UK/Euro trains

    I had to research this for OpenTTD (transport game) recently. White tail lamp with red aspect is the most common case. Iss 1.pdf There are various designs.
  13. andythenorth

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    The video is compelling: the performance of the new wheelset is really quite poor eh?
  14. andythenorth

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    I use rechargeable AA/AAA, but one of the issue is they're 1.2v vs 1.5v for Alkalines.
  15. andythenorth

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    There's no public announcement of a controller for Control+. I can't see how it would work. Control+ offers features like motors acting like servos. To be flexible for different sets, that would demand a programmable controller, with software transferred to it from an app on a smart device or computer. But I've been wrong about TLG stuff many times before A physical controller with 4 or 6 assignable functions would also be an expensive part, at least if done to Lego standards (and not the cheap 4 or 6 way controllers my kids have for cheap drones and RC toys), and would raise the price of every Control+ set that included it. In advanced economies nearly everybody has an incredibly powerful pocket computer with Bluetooth, it's 70%-80% for example in UK, North America and most of Europe. Personally I prefer physical buttons to glass, but making a dedicated physical controller would be an odd choice by TLG Never say never though, Powered Up has the controller for trains / RC cars.