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  1. Leaving Lego sale

    Unfortunately, time, college, and work combined have resulted in my needing to leave my LEGO hobby behind, and possibly forever. As such, I have a large selection of minifigures and sets that I'm willing to part with for pretty low prices. The sets are pretty good condition, the biggest problem just being dust or a few missing pieces here and there. I am not sure how many I still have instructions for, but I can ship them disassembled or assembled. If you are interested in anything I have, send me a PM or post here, I'm willing to accept most offers (just no lowballing) some items I will have a set price, but most items I'm willing to bargain with. I would be willing to part with everything here for about $750 (actual value is closer to $1200). I'm more interested in parting with the figures than selling them for their actual values. Collectible Minifigures (No minifigure plates): Series 1 2 Robots Series 3 2 Elves 1 Elf (no bow or shield) 3 Elves (Sealed in bag) 1 Gorila (Sealed in bag) 1 Mummy (Sealed in bag) 1 Mummy (no scorpion) Series 4 1 Hazmat Guy (Sealed in bag) 1 Musketeer (No feather or sword) Series 5 1 Dino (Trans-red alien head instead of regular head) 3 1 British Guardsmen (Sealed in bag) 1 Dwarf (Sealed in bag) 2 Gladiators (Sealed in bag) 2 Mafia (Sealed in bag) Series 6 2 Cowboys 3 Minotaurs 1 Minotaur (No axe) 1 Statue of Liberty 3 Greek Soldiers 1 Flamenco Dancer (No fan) 1 Genie 1 Pajama Man Series 7 5 Aztecs 1 King Triton 1 Scottish Bagpiper 2 Space Troopers 3 Space Troopers (Sealed in bag) 1 Computer Nerd 2 Knights 1 Daredevil (No cape) Series 8 1 Diver (No harpoon or feet studs) 1 Man-Bat 1 DJ 1 Shakespeare Series 9 1 Judge 3 White Robots 3 Aliens Series 10 1 Tomahawk Warrior 1 Mechanic (No wrench) 1 Medusa Series 11 1 Mountain Climber Lego Movie CMF Gail (No jackhammer) STAR WARS 7 old/new geonosians, some have wings. 2 Red Guards (black hands, no spear) 1 Barris Offee (Ep. 3, no lightsaber) 6 old/new Jar Jar Binks/Gungan warriors 5 Kaadus Miscellaneous Minifigures 1 (Alien Conquest) Alien Trooper (With gun) 1 Valentines Day (853303) LEGO VIP Chrome Red Keychain 1 Avatar Aang Toy Story (Prefer to sell all together, but willing to break them up) 61 Green Army Men (No stands) 4 Medics (With Backpacks) 4 Medics (Without Backpacks) 13 Green Strechers 10 Green Army Men Helmets 8 Medic helmets Misc assortment of green legs/army men torsos/green arms/green army men heads/ Variety of Green briefcases, binoculars, rifles, mine sweepers, and radios 5 Large Army Men jeeps 4 Small Army Men jeeps PROMO SETS Friends 13 30108 Summer Picnic (Sealed in Bag) Galaxy Squad 6 30231 Space Insectoid (Sealed in bag) Harry Potter 4 30111 The Lab (Sealed in bag) Star Wars 1 30052 AAT (Sealed in bag) 1 30053 Republic Attack Cruiser (Sealed in bag) 1 Chrome Silver TC-14 (Sealed in bag) ($30) City 2 4900 Fire Helicopter (Sealed in bag) Creator 1 30008 Snowman (Sealed in bag) 1 30023 Lighthouse (Sealed in bag) Kingdoms 2 30062 Target Practice (Sealed in bag) Ninjago 1 30083 Dragon Fight (Sealed in bag) 1 30080 Ninja Glider (Sealed in bag) Power Miners 1 8908 Monster Launcher (Sealed in bag) Atlantis 1 30042 Mini sub (Sealed in bag) __________________________________________________________________________________________________ To save on shipping costs the larger the order the cheaper shipping would be per figure/set. I am located in the US, and I can only accept Paypal for payment. Just send me a message or post here if you are interested in anything you see listed. Thank you for taking a look, and have a great day! EDIT: All items have been sold.
  2. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "Oh, I guess it doesn't matter, you've already killed him, anything I thought I knew has already occurred. I'm just glad to see everyone survived. I only have a few moments left before I go, but I want to thank you all. Each and everyone of you, you took down the Regret, something I've spent the last 2 years of my life focused on doing. Killing him makes my life complete, though I didn't kill him myself, I believe I can now live the rest of my spirit life in peace, and the nightmares that have plagued me for these past years are gone, no longer does he have power over me, I am truly free at last. And before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I."
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "Hi guys! Just a hint, killing the Regret will result in a chain...... wait. He is already dead? Did you actually manage to kill him?"
  4. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Yeah, I figured most people would really want that handcannon. Probably one of the stronger ones in the game. Em, thanks for being a great quest leader and taking over when I no longer had the time to, I'm completely fine if you guys take all the stuff I had leftover, of course no one can use the Amulet of Optimism, but I'm sure everything else would be useful for finishing the quest!
  5. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    It depends on what Endgame wants to do with my inventory. I mean, Erdy did just get consumed whole, so not sure what he wants to do with that for now.
  6. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    For those of you whom are following Quest 105, which I believe is the Finale for Endgame's progg series, Erdathcath has died. Unfortunately, I do not plan on bringing her back to life. My own life has caught up with me and college and work require far more time than I can spend on here. I will follow the quest until its completion, but after that I do not know if I will be coming back to Eurobricks or Heroica. I want to thank everyone for the amazing time I've had playing Erdy and the various friends and fiends she has made along the way. It has been awesome! And my biggest thanks of all goes to Sandy for putting together this amazing and extremely complicated game for all of us to enjoy!
  7. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "What can we do for you spirits? Surely there is something we could do to fix this slightly unexpected turn of events."
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    Erdathcath staggers back, a vision leaps into her mind blowing her onto her back, images flash as she remembers. This creature seemed familiar, like a nightmare she once had. It was many years ago yet the image still haunted her, she had seen this creature before. "No..... It can't be...Did the name... the Eternal... Reaper.. resonate with any of you? I know I have seen this creature before..."
  9. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "Since no one else is willing to put this poor beast out of his misery, I guess it is my job to fulfill that role....." Erdathcath pulls out her handcannon, aims, and fires.
  10. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "Boomingham, I know you mean well, but I truly believe there is nothing else we can do for this poor Progg."
  11. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    OOC: Only my Roots of Life can heal the whole party, otherwise I can only heal one person at a time. I'm going to be gone for most of the day, Em is in charge of my attacks.
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "Everyone, be silent. Don't you see? The very problem that you are trying to bear down upon is the lies that the Regret has sown among you. We are a group, a team, it is our job to work together and to trust each other, we may not have made amazing choices at times, but we must rely on the fact that each choice any of us made was for a reason. Johon may have disobeyed Karie's orders, but everything worked out well. Sure there were some problems with the love potions effects, nevertheless beyond a simple mistake the error was blown out of proportion by the Regret, he lied and tricked and confused you to start fighting among ourselves, why are you letting him win? If we focus on the real problem here, the Regret's lies and confusion tactics we can defeat him, but if we continue the petty arguments about situations that have already occurred and absolutely cannot be changed we are allowing him the victory, even if we kill him, when we are divided he wins. Let's not allow that to happen, focus your anger on him, he is the one truly at fault here."
  13. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    "Though common sense dictates that repeating the same process in hopes of achieving a different result is insanity, I'm already insane, therefore it can't possibly make me any worse." Erdathcath repeats her attack against the tail from the back row with her handcannon.
  14. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    Erdathcath repeats her attack against the tail from the back row with her handcannon.
  15. Heroica RPG - Quest #105: Eternal Reaper

    Erdathcath feels an invisible force contracting around her, limiting her abilities, yet she still pulls together the strength to fire her handcannon at the Tail from the back row. "Die already won't you? I don't care what your opinion is on this whole venture, you just need to give up so we can move on with our lives!"