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Brickville Union Pandora MKII tank

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Hi everyone,

Some people may know me as a town/city builder but I also love to make military vehicles, especially German WWII inspired stuff.

My first creation I post in this topic is my (older) Brickville Union MBT called the Pandora MKII.


The Pandora Mark II tank was a legendary tank in the Brickville armed forces. It combined all the aspects of the previous Pandora tanks. It had 2 main guns, 1 coaxial gun, a top gunner. It also featured a radar, smoke grenades, extra oil tanks and a new suspension system. The tank was heavy but the large and powerfull engine made it go as fast as most wwII-era battle tanks.


The front of the tank,


The back with the turret turned. This is also one of the weaker spots of the tank because the engine hatch can be penetrated with a single grenade causing the tank to explode.


The top hatch and the gunner, the gun can be controlled also when the gunner is inside the tank.


The suspension system and reactive armor plating


Side view, on the side of the turret are 3 smoke grenade launchers


Engine hatch openend


Troopers view


Turret backwards (for transport)

Remember that this is a tank that I made a year ago, and that it's soon gonna be replaced with another model.

For now I hope you like it and suggestions are very welcome


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Darn that is one beastly looking tank. I suppose that for the Brickville Union there's no such thing as overkill, eh?

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Looks really good, I really like how bulked up this tank is, some pretty interesting detailing there too like the double barrel guns and opening engine hatch. Good job Brickviller! :thumbup:

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