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Looking for info on two 1994 sets

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Evidently, in 1994 there are two sets that were made that for the life of me I cannot find a picture of or any information about them.

1994 SETS

CAN'T FIND ---> 1996 Pirate Island

CAN'T FIND ---> 9206 Pirate Value Pack

Are these actual sets? Mystery sets? Anyone have one? Thanks for the info all. I think I just about have every lego pirate set, but these two from '94 are evading me!


1795 Imperial Cannon

1729 Barnacle Bay (1871 Pirates Cannon, 1872 Soldier’s Forge, 1873 Pirates Treasure)

1733/1713 Shipwrecked Pirate (ARE THESE THE SAME SET?)

6236 King Kahuka

6246 Crocodile Cage

6256 Islander Catamaran

6262 King Kahuka's Throne

6264 Forbidden Cove

6278 Enchanted Island

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According to Lugnet 9206 is a value pack including 1696 Pirate Lookout (1992) and 6234 Renegade's Raft (1991). If you already have those, look no further!

For set 1996, the same source mentions "This set may not actually exist; the set number #1996 may be a typo which should have been #1696. Any info here would be appreciated."

Sometimes typos in official catalogues end up in fan databases and create confusion. One such example is 'unreleased' Rock Raiders set 4959 which is actually 4950.

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Heh! I bumped into both of those sets for .50 cents each NIB at my local thrift store! :pir_laugh2:

Which two sets? The non existant set number 1996 set from 1994?

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I know right? The sad thing is that I opened them, tossed the boxes, lost the instructions, and tossed them in my collection after a few days :pir_bawling:

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