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Inductive Charging for PF Trains

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I have submitted a new project to LEGO Cuusoo, an inductive charging system for Power Functions trains etc...

The idea is that the train would stop over an inductive pad, similar to the ones available for phones etc... but tailored to fit between the rails. It could be placed out of sight in the through-sidings of a fiddle yard so that one train would run while the others charged up.

I would like this to become a single LEGO piece similar in size to an IR Receiver i.e. 4x4 with a flying lead. The same coil device would be used under the track and on the train. This is the simplest possible form and probably the cheapest too.

I would equip all the sidings in a fiddle yard with coils (perhaps 10 on my layout) and each train (maybe 16), so 26 coils in all. I hope each one would not cost any more than an IR Receiver.

It would also have application for Technic and Mindstorms, so making the same piece work in all markets makes it most viable.

Please follow the link, support, leave comments and spread the word!



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Nice, but not very efficient (50% if it's high tech, probably 10-20% if it's LEGO tech). Charging time? 700mA seems rather too high?

I'd much prefer if TLG just spend their resources on bringing the rechargable batterybox down in price :sceptic:

ETA : Also, another bloody LBG piece to hide in my trains, arghhh

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