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No, I'm not posing as an alien from outer-space, I just had to come up with a title that didn't make use of the word "Hello." :laugh:

Anyway, I've been a long time lurker, (Two years or so) and finally decided to join this wonderful community. So, first of all I'm a devout Christian, and beyond that, I'm a hopelessly addicted FOL, an avid brickfilmer, an obsessed LOTR/Hobbit fan, a fairly dedicated Doctor Who fan, and a general fan of most superheroes. I also live in the USA.

I've been into Lego all of my life, but have just recently begun to hoard‚Äč heavily invest in Lego.

My favorite themes would be LOTR/Hobbit, followed by Superheroes, and then Sci-Fi. But I've got a soft-spot toward any licensed theme with good looking mini-figures, and really, I'll buy just about anything if the price is right. :tongue: Contrary to the impression that my username gives off, while I like Steampunk MOCs, and am curently working on a Steampunk brickfilm, I really only picked that 'cuz it sounds cool. (To me at least)

My hobbies don't extend too far outside of Brickfilming/Lego stuff and keeping up with all the latest DW and LOTR news. I don't really play any video games, with, again, the exception of anything by Lego. Probably won't be posting too much, or entering any contests, (The former because I'm trying not to spend all day posting about Lego and instead actually getting around to MOCing, and the latter because I know I'll get smoked every single time.) But I am planning on sharing an upcoming series of MOCs with you guys.

As a disclaimer, while I have lurked here a while, I don't have everything quite figured out, so don't hesitate to point out my mistakes. I also tend (On other forums) to post quite lengthy posts,

so be prepared for a lot of reading. I'll try to get an avatar and sig uploaded as soon as I can, and do my best to abide by all the rules and regulations on the site.

Thanks to all the guys responsible for providing this site for all of us FOLs!


P.S. I also have a tendency to add thoughts to a post and/or revise the text after it has been made public. It's generally because I think of the good stuff to say only after I've hit "Post", but I'm trying to break that habit. Sorry if it causes confusion.

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