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Stoneford 2013 - New Updates to my town

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Since the previous posts were lost, I guess I will start over. This is still a WIP but mostly due to landscaping and interior work that needs to be done. This is the first addition to my town in just over a year. After this is finished I will begin updating some of my current buildings, removing others and updating the town.

Welcome to the Stoneford Museum


I am not sure about the red stripes, Originally they were blue but that made it look too "Police-ish"







Any thoughs, comments, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Not bad at all 'LCM', it could easily pass as a bank building too ! :wink:

Keep going and Brick On 'LCM' ! :classic:

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I need some ideas for art/exhibits for the interior of the museum. Anyone got an ideas?

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Well, I am at a standstill for the interior of the Museum. So, time to begin my next building. Thinking since my old coffee shop was destroyed, the next building will be a Coffee Shop on a 16x32 base.

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So your last coffee shop was a destroyer.....sea or outer space ? :rofl:

Ideas for your museum, use some of the collectable minifigs.....i.e. caveman, Roman soldier, Aztec warrior, cowboy, etc., to go on display.

Attach your coffee shop to the side of the museum complex and then add parklands near it plus maybe a tram running pass the whole thing.

Brick On 'LCM' ! :classic:

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Picked up a 5882 Ambush Attack at Target today and got inspired, The interior of the Museum has started. Got in the Vilociraptor from that set and the ideas started flowing. Stay Tuned!!!

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OK, got some new updates to the Museum.

Made a few updates to the exterior.


The first floor's first exhibit is DINOS!!!


Working on a Midevil Exhibit on the First Floor as well.

On the second floor we feature an Egyptian Exhibit


Working in a Pirate themed area on the second floor as well.

The Annex will feature Weapons and Art.

Stay Tuned!

Man, this topic is going... slow :sceptic: . I liked your old town and I wanted to see your new town. Better stay tuned!

I'be been working 70 hours a week, so building time is severly cut down. However I will try to get some pictures of buildings up soon.

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I decided to dust today and since I had my town down, I decided to take some pictures of buildings that are new or updated since the old thread.

First up is the Stoneford Theatre.


The interior


From the fly.


Next up is a HUGE mod of the old Bank/Arcade building.

The Exterior


The back


Interior of the bank on the first floor


The teller counter.


The Vault


The Arcade

View from above


The prize counter and a few games


Front windows looking out and stairwell


The newest building in Stoneford no one has seen. I built this just over a year ago. It is a mod of the 7641 City Corner set.

The Front of the Building


The side/rear view. The new museum will be sitting next to the rear side of the building.


The kitchen of the Pizza Parlor


The dining room.


Looking out the front window


The Bike Shop


The second floor is the apartment of The Artist



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