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  1. Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    Great idea, and even greater build.
  2. [MOC] Heartlake High Street

    Realy great work there. Very colorfull.
  3. 10244 Fairground Mixer

    Wow, what an incredible set. This is something i want to lay my hands on. An empty lot in my town needs to be created for this on. And just resently i opted the plan to change my town plan. Wouldn't it be great to incorporated this set into it. But the way Lego is producing sets like this and PR i think i am going broke.
  4. Training Centre

    An excelent MOC. Very well executed with a lot of details. Thank you for sharing and hope to see more
  5. Parisian House

    Hectorin, it looks great. My compliments. Hope you can show us more in the future.
  6. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    For me it is the same. I loved building Town Hall. It had so many great thing in it, like the pilars in front, the mentioned elivator en interior, and let's not forget, the minifigs. For me; every modular has it's own charme, and i have them all from CC. The create a great row of buildings and i hope TLG wil produce them for many years to come. So Jamie and Astrid, if you read this, this AFOL is a big fan of your work and it is you guys (girls) that made me come out of the Dark Ages.
  7. MOC (my first one! :) ) - Comptoir Florian

    Welcom to Eurobricks Viscontia, and great that you have come out of the dark ages. And with succes also. A very nice looking modular, with al lot of details. I hope you will produce more of these fine buildings. Are planing on building a town?
  8. Last 2 years creations (mostly cars, 1 boat, 1 house)

    Great looking cars (and home) there SF. The Centerenigine and white roadstar caught my eye en look very pleasing.
  9. MOD: Pet Shop

    For a first modular.... Not bad at all. I like what you did with the side walls. I have a LOT of 1x2x6 bricks in my collection and can use them like you did for al blind wall. I specialy like your roof. I hoop you will also share your next building with us.
  10. MOC: Modular Laundry

    That is a great piece of work there. So many details. Like is said before, the sign is great, as are the colours. The kitchen is just perfect. Can''t wait until the next.
  11. First buildings of Brickswood Hollow are going up

    Those two buildings look very good, and i am very keen on your updates. Like seeing this town grow. Brick on.
  12. Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    Stunning!! Absolutely stunning. You captured it so very good, with such a lot of details. AND THAT FOR A FIRST. I'm a fan my friend, you realy got a gift there,
  13. MOC: Blooming Blossoms (Modular Building)

    As usual you have made a very beautiful building there. Lots of details and a very, very nice interior. Thanx for sharing this Kristal and i am keen on your next posting.
  14. MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    Very beautiful building there. I bet it looks great next to PR. Thanx for sharing this with us.
  15. Sunshine beach hut - a Friends set concep

    Great. I love the airbed. Very nicely done my friend.