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  1. Very nice quiz, ''Bricknave''. My result was: the wise and responsible Eagle tribe . I agree with it, as I prefer to follow the rules than break it immediately . Now I have a new signature!
  2. LegofreakKO345

    MOD/MOC of 7744 Police Station - A work in progress

    I think it is accurate, 'gazumpty'. But that pad lock piece in the door is a bit smashed Better replace that. Anyway, keep going!
  3. LegofreakKO345

    Ballabreek 2013

    The town is great 'greg3'! What are you thinking of doing on the future on your city?
  4. LegofreakKO345

    Review: 70004 Wakz' Pack Tracker

    Maaan, those minifigs are awesome... At first, I thought Legends of Chima was going to be another boring theme (heh, im not a big fan of fantasy themes), but I acctually like it. Thank you for the review 'I Scream Clone', now we have an idea of what Chima will be: Human-like animals and vehicles. Yeah!
  5. LegofreakKO345

    MOD/MOC of 7744 Police Station - A work in progress

    This police station is going good so far 'gazumpty'. I like the idea of incorporating the cells on the inside. The one thing I hate about LEGO's police stations is that the cells are outdoors... Keep going, I want to see the rest!
  6. LegofreakKO345

    Norwegian winter mountain village

    That mountain is AMAZING! Really! So snowy, so, uh, wintery? I don't know why, but it reminds me of Minecraft. Yes, I am crazy about that game .
  7. LegofreakKO345

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I consider bright as in the Power Miners and dull as a new color that is slightly more light than the Power Miners' one.
  8. LegofreakKO345

    MOC: White car model W1

    What a lovely car de-marco! It has an old but girly style. I must agree with Mr. Tiger ( ), It really does look french. Good building! (finally I've found a good finish phrase )
  9. LegofreakKO345

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Thank you for the information. I am now going to really get the Jack Fireblade set or sets (my favorite color is orange). But, may I ask: the color of the armor is a bright orange or a dull orange?
  10. LegofreakKO345

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Thank you CM4S for the picture, it is small but... wait... ADU helmets? In ORANGE? Guys I suddenly have the urge to buy these sets. Does anybody have more pics? I am dying for new pictures.
  11. LegofreakKO345

    Building a City..

    A new mayor arrives in Eurobricks . Welcome to Eurobricks, a great site to be on and present your MOCs. I've always been a fan of this forum's layouts, so i am waiting to see yours!
  12. LegofreakKO345

    New Mannum 2012

    Aha! Finally there is traffic! That hammer looks good, it really looks like an official Lego part. Keep on moving!
  13. LegofreakKO345

    Stoneford 2013 - New Updates to my town

    Man, this topic is going... slow . I liked your old town and I wanted to see your new town. Better stay tuned!
  14. LegofreakKO345

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ┬┤Thank you, I saw that set's pic but didn't look closely. I've got to say, with dark orange hair, he looks weird. Don't know why, it is... weird! 60007 is a set I'm going to buy, and seeing that fig made me want the set more!
  15. LegofreakKO345

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Man, that fig looks awesome! Love the torso, very SWAT, FBI or US Marshals ish (I watch a lot of police shows ). Any one knows in what set he is going to appear?