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MOC: Xm2/2 with Catenary Work Wagon

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Hello Everyone, Recently I posted about my Catenary Renewal Machine and I thought it would be a nice idea to stay on the topic of overhead wiring repair and show it's workmate the Xm 2/2 Catenary Inspection and Repair Vehicle. This machine is heavily inspired by the Xm 2/2 units of the RhB and is also inspired by the 701 Class of the DB . I have also added a Catenary Work Wagon that normally travels with the Xm 2/2 carrying spare parts for the catenary as well as cable drums, the idea to make this combination happened when I saw a model of a 701 Class with a work wagon in a Marklin catalogue I immediately thought wow that looks really nice I have to make something like this.



View showing the test pantograph and video camera used for monitoring the catenary as well as the crew access hatch to the elevated work platform.


In catenary inspection mode with test pantograph elevated to check the condition of the wiring.


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Very nice. The yellow probably works better than the red version in the Marklin catalogue.

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