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Review: 1733 Shipwrecked Pirate


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Shipwrecked Pirate one of the small rafts from the Pirate theme. The other small raft is the Renegade Raft. Both rafts have a lot of similarities between them, but you get less for your money than you do with the Renegade Raft. It is worth mentioning that there are two versions of this set, the boxed one (set no. 1733) and the polybag version (set no.1713). Both are identical except for the packaging.

The set was released in 1994 and you could purchase it for around £1.99 in the UK at the time. Mine cost me £8.06 plus £1.99 p+p off eBay. At the time I thought it was an ok price, but have since learnt you can pick up this set in decent condition for less then £5.

Product Details

Set No: 1733

Set Name: Shipwrecked Pirate

Theme: Pirates

Released: 1994

Minifigures: 1

Pieces: 23

RRP: £1.99

Purchase Price: £8.06

Links: Brickset



As you can see from the images, my box, with the opened side damaged, wasn't in the best condition. However, the box is still in one piece and gives a good showing of what a mid 90's box looks like. The earlier pirate boxes were yellow, the later ones had a colour change to purple as this one clearly shows.




This set consists of very basic instructions and most people could build the set without the need for them. The instructions consist of a piece of paper with the set photo, the mini figure build and steps one to three on the front.


The back has steps 4 to 7. As my set was second hand when I recently purchased it, I was pleased with the condition of the instructions, as besides the folds they were in very good condition, with no rips or tears.



The set comes with twenty-three pieces. Four are taken up by the minifigure, so you are left with sixteen pieces to build with. The majority of the pieces are the same as the Renegade Raft, with the only changes being the yellow plates underneath and the two round dish pieces. You also get a red oar in this set and at the time the only other sets to offer red oars where the larger sets.

Mini Figure


This set consisted of one of the newer designed pirates from the original pirate theme. The head is an updated version of one of the original pirate mini figures with the only change being the hair which has gone from black to a light brown. The vest pattern on the torso is also an updated version of the original pirate vest. Previously the vest pattern was either red and white or blue and white. This was the first to have a different one. I do like this version of the pirate, as it was a break from the other pirate mini figures from previous years and was one of the first heads to consist of two colours on it.



The build is as easy as you can get. For me it is the second easiest Pirate set from the class pirate theme. Most of the pieces are designed for the bottom of the set, with you only having to put the flag pole on top of the 4x6 plate. What I dislike about the build is the two black Round Dish 2 x 2 pieces you fit on the bottom, as they make the raft lean from one side to another and it is almost impossible to get the raft level. I

usually leave these off sets.


The build from start to finish, takes less then 5 minutes and for me is not one you need instructions for as I mentioned above.


Final Thoughts


For me personally out of all the rafts this is my least favourite one. I always say it is a poor man's version of Renegade Raft. They look almost identical and you can tell this set has been based on the other set. The best part of the set for me is the mini figure as it adds variety to the pirate ranks. If someone asked me to pick between this and Renegade Raft, I would say the Renegade Raft any day of the week.


Design: 3/10 - As mentioned above I feel the set is a cheap copy of Renegade Raft.

Parts: 3/10 - You get nothing unique in this set and you could make it with parts from other sets, with ease.

Minifigs: 7/10 - The best thing about this set is the Mini Figure, a different variation to an old face and the same for the torso.

Build: 2/10 - For me I remember as a child being left disappointed with it as it was too easy. For me now and as a child the fun was in the build, something this set did not offer me.

Playability: 5/10 - One thing you can do is use this set with some of the larger sets and makes for some interesting story lines.

Price: 5/10 - For it's original price you get 23 pieces for your money and is an ok price for what you get.

Extra Designs


To finish I built the 3 images that can be found on the back of the box. All these are simple builds and not one makes use of all the pieces available to you. In the image above, is a simple wall for the flag to be placed upon, not sure what the designer was trying to build with this one, if truth be told.


This one above I like as it looks like a platform with a shot plank to walk prisoners off and out of the three extra builds, this is the one I prefer.


Finally this one is a table with a seat and a storage barrels for his sword, another nice idea and also rather quaint.

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have this set as well, but the orriginal has more and better part ratio. Can do a bit more with the orriginal. When I got this one, I merged both into 1 model. which was not that strong in design, but still great to have!

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Another great review on another early 90's battle packs.

This although not as appealing as the Buried Treasure set is still a steal, it's basically just a mini figure with accessories for 2 bucks, which you cannot get today.

Great work on the detailed review, I know how hard it is to talk and talk when there are only a handful of pieces. :thumbup:

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The incredible thing about this set is how dirt cheap it was back in the day. It has a few nice little things, but it's definitely just the cheap copy of the Renegade Raft. I gave it "below average" rating though.

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Another great review, I am enjoying these

I am not such a fan of this set as it feels like a degrade from the other raft set.

Still its better than most of what we get these days


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Thanks a lot for all of these great new pirate reviews RJH!

The pictures are of very good quality.

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this is the first Lego set I ever got, so even though its not that great, I have a special place in my heart for it :pir-sweet:

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