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Bossks Chained Warrior

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Here is my entry for Category 1.

When on ground, top-class Bounty Hunter Bossk relies only on his trustful Speederbike. It's speed and the powerful guns mounted at the front both give him an advantage over most enemies. The vehicle is a "Warrior" class speeder bike Type WHB-4681, highly modified by Bossk himself. The rear engines where replaced for more powerful ones. The heavy front armor was removed to make the speeder more agile and lightweight. Bossk also added two chains to the bike, only for the mean look and the now legendary name :wink:


Bossks Chained Warrior 01 by plisskeneb, on Flickr

Proud owner


Bossks Chained Warrior 02 by plisskeneb, on Flickr

What a poser


Bossks Chained Warrior 03 by plisskeneb, on Flickr

Edited by Plissken

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Nice speeder. I think the speeder works very well with Bossk. The back is very cool. Good luck.

Great job :thumbup:

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Very nicely done speeder, I love the use of those curved slopes and arches. Good job Plissken and good luck in the voting! :thumbup:

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