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Review: 2194 Nitroblast


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Set Index: Nitroblast


I like the presentation of this line, especially the interesting background that isn't too distracting. I do have one complaint about this one in particular though; the right eye is glowing green... I realise that these images are always enhanced these days, but that's a case that could cause confusion and/or disappointment.


The punch-to-open-box lingers on to my annoyance. Other than that it's an OK rear, possibly too bland. Please note that the box shots have a different attachment position for the "fuel" hose than the instructions.


I find it interesting checking what TLG choose for the standard 1:1 shot. This choice is interesting as it arguably makes up for the cover implying the right eye is green!




Random instruction page.


Set list; doesn't look like much as per normal with this style of set, but I think the piece size and complexity make up for it.


Here's the lot! The best aspect to me is the lack of pins/axels. This new line takes this genre in a new direction with panel parts being balljointed rather than pinned. It's an interesting idea and at the least it'll be great for MOCs. System integration could be harder with this line however.


This to me is the highlight; it's a great looking panel with great potential; in this case it's used as a flame thrower.


As you can see it's ball jointed; no pins, no studs. However the two sets of two holes do fit the standard bar accessories (such as claws), and they are a studs distance apart. Thus system scale has not been forgotten.


This weapon is interesting; note the two holes. This seems to be the new HF accessory standard. (Interestingly an axle is still included.)


Here you can see that it is system compatible.


Like all of this line, there is a printed part in each set. At a casual glance I thought that the villians parts were all the same, but upon being told I was wrong I realised that aside from the fire and lightning the exact designs are very different.


On the subject of sharing, the head is interesting. This is the "front"...


...and here is the "back". Two faces; this part is used in "reverse" for Jetbug. More on this later.


This is also one of the few new parts that is not ball jointed.


It's building time! I stopped at this stage to highlight how different these sets are. Ball joints galore and a reduction (but not elimination) of pin holes. Looking at this I can't help but think of the potential as a general mech frame.


Lower body panels fitted. They snap on firmly and are movable to a slight degree. (I got a bit confused and put one of the thigh pieces on wrong in this photo.)


It's hard to tell in this photo, but the colour issues with yellow don't seem fixed yet. (The top one is darker.)


The sole spare part! This is a negative side effect of the reduction of pins.


Finished! Like most of these figures, he looks great from the front...


...but not so great from the rear! In particular I find the "second face" a bit distracting.


The Zamor spheres are very nice in this set. It's hard to appreciate how interesting they are from just one view.


So here's more!


His head reminds me of the Aliens. (As in the Ridley Scott movie.)


The head however is too minimalisitic for it's size so off front it doesn't work as well.


It's an odd hobby of mine to look for differences between the box shots and the instructions. In this case the hose has been moved. I'm assuming it was done to avoid forcing the hose at a bad angle, but I prefer it the original way regardless. This photo also shows how the head really needs more bulk on the sides.




Very. The left are has additional reinforcement that does reduce it somewhat, but it's not a major issue. His big feet helps him balance as well. 9/10


This set includes most of the new ball joint panel parts as well as some longer pieces that don't come with the heroes. All the parts go together well, and the new ball joint system seems more sturdy than the last. 9/10


From the front he's perfect, from the side less so, and from the back he's a bit freaky. But that's nothing new for this line or for LEGO in general. Even so, I don't think the villians are as good looking as the heroes this time. 7/10


I (think I) realise why TLG did it, but the double head is odd. It's a great compromise... but it's a compromise.


Overall: He's my least favourite of the new baddies (I like DrillDozer), but I still think he's a good buy. 8/10

Thanks go out to TLG for this exciting new line.

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Nice review but you have 3 *oh2*? Think about the rest of us that have non :cry_sad:. I am so happy that you have done a review as I now know that I love this villan the best. My only disappointment is the double sided heads, its a poor gimmick from lego. The heads looks silly and too big.

I'm guessing there isnt a 'combo model' picture with this or the other villans? As the huge amount of red, yellow and metalic grey that wouldmake a nice super henchman.

Thanks, CB

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Great review, good set, but my least favourite of the villains.

I wouldn't complain about the double sided head here, due to Nitroblast's eye piece, it's much worse on Jetbug.

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I like the double sided masks. One of the bad habits in bionicle was to over rely on new molds for each set. If instead a single mold can be reused interestingly like this I think it will force more imagination when making heads for mocs.

I kind of like Nitroblast. He is a cool guy, shoots at heroes and doesn't afraid of anything. I think in this wave I'll be looking forward to getting all the villains. He looks great actually. And I am getting some huge urges to get as many of the new articulation pieces.

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I dislike the fact that there isn't a proper head, just a mask, but other than that, I think this is one of the best HF 2.0 sets :thumbup:

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