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  1. squidman85

    Legends of Chima 2013

    I meant that she is on the same level as Crominus,Ewald,etc.You know,kings,queens,chiefs,etc.
  2. squidman85

    Legends of Chima 2013

    I agree with wghost,they seem to be in the same tribe.And seem to be that the wolf-girl is the leader of the wolfes.That's sad i wanted a wise old wolf for the leader.Like Wakz.
  3. squidman85

    Speedorz 2013?

    No,bro.That's Racers of 2011.
  4. squidman85

    MOC: Micro Dino Defense HQ

    That's very cool and cute as well.I very like small T-rex and the hq itself.
  5. squidman85

    Ideas for New Action Themes

    Kung-Fu showdown.Just like ninjago,but using large legs and fists as weapons.
  6. squidman85


    The main quest's ending and itself wasn't as epic as in Oblivion.
  7. squidman85

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Sakigake!Otokojuku.Pretty funny.
  8. squidman85

    Ninjago 2012

    It seems to be ninjas "unleashed their full power" and turned into elements. NRG must be "energy"Is just me or color on their faces now match their outfit? Zane NRG is the strangest. He has two golden weapons and different outfit color. Why only Zane has alternative color? Brown,orange and yellow would be nice.
  9. Themes with colourful characters seem to live longer.Like Alpha Team,Exo-Force,Ninjago and Bionicle and Hero Factory.
  10. squidman85

    Ninjago 2012

    Why NY legos have preliminary pieces,while we had completed versions in older toyfairs?
  11. squidman85

    Monster Fighters 2012

    Isn't that hearse's driver7
  12. squidman85

    Monster Fighters 2012

    It seems to be that vampire's castle is like portal of Atlantis,featuring all crystals.
  13. squidman85

    Ideas for New Action Themes

    I found out that themes where the main characters are different colors seem to live longer than others.Like Knights KIngdom,Alpha Team or Ninjago.
  14. squidman85

    Ideas for New Action Themes

    Viking ninjas from Neptune.
  15. squidman85

    The Future of Ninjago

    What kind of "power" pirates will get?Like fire or venom?