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  1. vexorian

    Blacktron Buzzard - XL-15 spaceship MOD

    How much of the original set remains in this?
  2. vexorian

    Were BIONICLE fans dumber in 2007?

    It's not about the quantity of gears or the quantity of bricks.2006 is the first year in which there's a standarized build between Toa and the bad guys. This was not the case until then. The Bohrok and the Toa Mata, the Vahki and The Metru and whatever happened in 2005 had very distinct builds for each kind of character. Move on to 2010 and all the Glatorians follow the same template, what varies is the decorations used and some other smaller differences.
  3. vexorian

    Were BIONICLE fans dumber in 2007?

    dumb is a slur. Anyway, I think that if you consider only the main sets and not warriors, 2006 was a simplification of build. The Inika build was a standard way to get bipedal things with articulation AND very specific new decoration bricks. In a way, it was the first step towards the CCSBSCCS. Titans in 2006+ were much better, but I think if you focus on the main sets, it might appear the builds are simplified. Here simple doesn't mean easy. Of course, it all seems silly now in 2015 after we've seen exactly what lengths Lego can go in simplifying the action figure build. But if all you knew in your life was pre 2006 and Inika, this might be something you could believe.
  4. vexorian

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    None of my CCBS pieces have broken yet. Even throwbot sockets break constantly. And it only got worse as 1st gen Bionicle progressed. Things like the ability to build larger/more varied stuff are subjective. But Part quality is an objective measure and in part quality CCBS curb stomps first gen Bionicle.
  5. The Bohrok Kal were really terrible. It was bad enough all Bohrok were exactly the same, but by the time the Kal appeared it was almost insulting to have the same 6 repeated sets repeated once more. The Rahkshi weren't much better, but at least they were a new design. I think though that what caused the sales improvement was the Makuta and Takanuva plot and the Movie.
  6. It already has. Just look at the sets the design qality is top notch. HF was the place where Lego experimented new constraction ideas. All that experimentation really paid off when Bionicle G2 was released. I hope Bionicle G2 has one more wave but ends there. It should come back 5 years later. Once again reusing all the innovation from whatever theme replaces G2. Even if this was true, 2011 was really a ton of innovation, far more innovative than the last 4/5 of G1 combined.
  7. vexorian

    2015 Mixels Discussion

    Pretty gross. I even hope they discontinue the ableist mixel. There must be some consequences.
  8. vexorian

    2016 Action Figure Wishlist

    No more bionicle. It was nice having the Toa in good CSSBSCS sets but that's enough for a homage. I'd like them to go back to the invasion from below idea and make more mechs.
  9. I agree about the 3 OP pieces, even tho I haven't been able to find as many uses for the Vahi waists in combination to CSSCSSCCC as it first thought. Bohrok *eyes* really need to be used more often. They are a quintessential MoCing piece that needs to stay around.
  10. vexorian

    Star Wars Constraction 2015 Discussion

    Grievous and Vader are must haves. The rest I will pass, There are many other sets this year that are worth buying before those.
  11. vexorian

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Honestly I wish trans red was retired. And replaced with a brighter tone that was still red. It is just too dark. And indistinguishable from solid black unless there's a lot of light in the room.
  12. vexorian

    What was the worst construction set?

    Must be a Toa Inika. The ugly one (all of them)
  13. vexorian

    Breaking Unikitty arch

    Not as bad because it is newer but it reminds me of the beginning stage of what happened to normal unikitty.
  14. vexorian

    Breaking Unikitty arch

    Like this: I didn't intend to imply the 1x1 plate was specifically at fault. But it is the connection itself that has created this pressure. My Unikitty has only been standing , no rough play or bad environment that would justify this breakage.
  15. vexorian

    BrickQueen vs BrickSpy

    What this has to do with AFFOLs? If a dude AFOL filed DMCAs againsts youtubers it wouldn't say anything bad about dude AFOLs in general. I don't see how she appearing in the thumbnails is specially less appropriate than other AFOLs who show up in thumbnails and reviews.