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Grave Stone Ghost Train

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Last year, I got busy with Wild West interest and wanted to add a train to the Grave Stone genre. I would start with a lonely little station (the Abandoned Station) and begin delving into train MOCs, which I had never tried before. The result was the Ghost Train collection, initially posted to the EB History & Adventure forum, since the genre related to the Wild West.

Since these creations also relate to trains, I thought I would resurrenct the sub-theme and share the entire collection here in the Train Tech Forum within a single post.

So, I give you Ghost Train - prepare to embarq for mystery...

The initial creation that started the sub-theme, the Abandoned Station. Waiting for the Ghost Train to come can get pretty tiring, especially without dinner:


Out of the darkness comes a mysterious train. Are your eyes playing tricks on you?


It is the Ghost Train, as real as the the flesh on your bones. The light-up boiler draws you to the locomotive, as your heart begins to beat faster:


A skeleton crew maintains the train. The eyes of Shorty McBones, the coal shoveler, glow as he's been staring at the light-up boiler for many years:


The first wagon designed for the Ghost Train is the Haunted Train Coach. A glow-in-the dark apparition with yellow hands provide some humor on the "lighter side".


A skeletal hand can be seen coming out of the Mysterious Mail Car:


My favorite of the Ghost Train cars is the Frightening Freight Wagon, or should I say Fright Wagon?


The Witch's Shanty would provide a mysterious trackside structure. Outside is the witch as she summons the Phantom Rider:


A werewolf can be heard howling in the distance near the Moonshine Still:


Some skeletal railroad workers are busy working their fingers to the bone:


And lastly, the Rickety Water Tower provides water for the Ghost Train:


Some additional images of the train:



And the station:


A behind the scenes peek of the moving ghost train can also be found here.

This concludes the resurrection of Ghost Train. I hope you enjoy! avghostrider.jpg

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Great scott! That moonshine still is freakin awesome. :wub::wub::wub:

There is a great use of a lot of parts in it. I would definitely drink some moonshine from that still, especially if it'll turn me into a werewolf. :skull:

Wow, I'm still amazed at it.

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That's spectacular, I love the story line, and the set ups are sweet. Very nice work.

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That's funny. Looks fantastic, exspecially in the way you've done it. Looks scary.

That brings me at my death train 7725. I build this one, because a total black version is boring. So I thought, it's a train full of death and scary monsters that can bring death. I let the pic's big now. Take a look inside the train:






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Wow, I'm still amazed at it.

It's funny - the still was just a collection of loose bricks and pieces, but it got a lot of good feedback.

That's spectacular, I love the story line, and the set ups are sweet.

Thanks BC. Each of the creations have their own story that can be found in the Train Tech Index. I have been thinking about puting together a small book of all the Grave Stone creations.

That brings me at my death train 7725.

In 12V style, I like it! I find it very difficult to work with all black pieces, esp. when photographing. I like the different monsters aboard the Death Train, esp. the Mummy.

I actually had one more train wagon that I never shared which was an Egyptian Display boxcar. It didn't come out well, so I never posted a picture. Perhaps I'll look for it and post.

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