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Skinny Boy

S.T.C. Part 9

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Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Part 9: Found in Space.


"Failsafe my megablocks. Man!"



I turned East...well, left, after the wreckage. I've been walking for hours. I fear that bunker may have been a real tease to my patience."


"Whoah! Son-of-aaahhhh!"



Ow. I ehh, I seem to have fallen off another mass of earth... into a crate. There are several more around me, aswell as...




...Life. I have found another human. Looks to be a guard, as what I can now see are two small buildings on either side of me. He will need to be relieved of his post.


And what a surprise. More, nothing!



Oh no. Another guard. Shh! "

"Hey buddy, I know this mist's a female canine, but c'mon, the transports right over here."

"I was forced to follow him. He brought me to a vehicle of sorts, but this was definitely modern.


My days of uncovering horrors of the past were now over. I am on my way, home, to Cedar Bay."


"Oh man... what happened? Wha... a couch? Where..."


"Ummm... you are...?"

"Not important Carl."

"Carl? How do you know my name?"

"Now that Carl, is of even lesser importance."

End Part 9.

Alright, that took way too long to post considering its length, but I got tied up, unfortunately not at Brickworld. :hmpf_bad:

Thanks for looking!

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Dang, your right it's to short, I need more! :angry::tongue: It's a very good story, and I can't wait till the end. (In a good way :classic: )

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I have been watching your comic and now that I've finally joined I have to say that I really like the way the story is headed, and can't wait for the next part. :thumbup:

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