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  1. Escape The Fate

    [Q10 - Sneeve - CFS] Home

    Not sure why no one has replied but I think this looks great. I like the chimney and all the details that went into it.
  2. Escape The Fate

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    I’ll join! I roll for initiation! dragons are angry and they rule the forrest.
  3. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia III - Conclusion

    I like playing 3rd party. Its a tough role to play but you had balls to just come out and say it early. It helped you were bulletproof.
  4. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia III - Conclusion

    What a fun game. I lost my mind a couple times with all the evidence pointing towards someone being scum and then they flip being town. I am glad I successfully protected Emmett from dying. If Daniel hadn’t jailed me I would have protected Vincent the rest of my nights. So in a weird way Daniel saved the town.
  5. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    Were you jailkeeper or commuter? And what is the difference?
  6. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    I could have sworn i could only commute every other day. But then bob said i could commute every day.
  7. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    I was liam. I didn’t mean to confuse everyone with my jail ability.
  8. Escape The Fate

    [Factions Ep. 5 - Cat. C][K20 - Polis Massa - CFS] Fyr the Fyrnock

    That V Wing is fantastic! Do you have more pics of it? I like the base too with nice looking floors.
  9. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia II

    I’ve been busy the last few years! I often don’t sign in and just browse here. Now that work is making everyone work from home the next few weeks I have time to post.
  10. Escape The Fate

    [LEGO IDEAS] Return to Volcano Island

    I voted to support it. I loved this set as a kid even though I never owned it. I would like to have an adult version!
  11. Escape The Fate

    Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Sanctuary on Sorgan

    This is great. How long did it take you to make this?
  12. Escape The Fate

    Pirates Mafia II

    Please sign me up! It has been years since I have played mafia!
  13. Escape The Fate

    Imperial Troop Transport MOC

    I like it a lot. Is there an interior?
  14. Escape The Fate

    Imperial Military Forces

    I really like it. What happened to the tan military intelligence officer?
  15. Escape The Fate

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello, I am proud to join Mitgardia for Book II. I am introducing Lord Arath and his wife Sylvia.