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  1. Skinny Boy

    Various Figures

    Just thought I'd post some various figs covering different themes from an upcoming story. Sellswords, Buyblades and Paypaladins: Brigands, Buggers and Blackguards: Greeters, Guides and Gurus: Thanks for looking!
  2. Skinny Boy

    "Try me."

    "You may have made it through the jungle, but you will not enter my home." Long story short, I made this house for a story I'm working on, and I haven't posted anything here in a long time so I thought I'd share it. Thanks for looking.
  3. Skinny Boy

    71006 The Simpsons House (Press Release)

    T-shirt arms. I've wanted them for years but didn't think they were possible. Thank you TLG. Thank you Matt Groening.
  4. Ohhhhhhhhh, they're from the movie. I did not get that. I was wondering why there are 3 civilian robots and 2 construction workers. Some cool pieces indeed.
  5. Skinny Boy

    Trio of Taurus Tableaux

    Thanks y'all. Cheers, and The Bull is a character in a story I am writing, but it won't belong in this forum. I may do more small scenes with him though.
  6. Skinny Boy

    Trio of Taurus Tableaux

    Travel: The Bull prefers to travel far ahead of the war party, both for solitude and so he can face any challenger alone. He often takes a different route, exploring dangerous areas, ignoring ancient runes placed to ward off travelers from mythical beasts and perilous mountain paths. He is always searching for a worthy opponent, hoping to engage in battles which will further his skills, or give him an honorable death. When traveling the Bull wears his thick coat and carries his axe, useful for clearing obstructions or felling enemies. Training: If the Bull deems a conquest to have failed in satisfying his lust for violence, he will offer the victims a challenge: if any one of them can draw a single drop of blood from him, the settlement will be spared. Else it will suffer the same fate as any other settlement on the warpath. The Bull often uses holy ground or the area near a memorial statue as the fighting arena, to further taunt his foes. In his experience, hope is a better motivator than fear. When training, the Bull wears a lightly armoured vest, and wields the standard short sword and round shield of his army. Triumph: Some say the Bull is only on this planet to wage war. The rest don't get a chance to say anything. In a full scale battle the Bull wears nothing on his upper body just like his warriors, and wields 2 small blades, one for hacking and one for slicing. I do believe this was my first creation posted in this forum. A shame really, since I love medieval scenes. As always, thanks for looking.
  7. Skinny Boy

    The Beetle

    When the crew of the NeverGetEZer cannot land on a system, or are only delivering a small item, they use their shuttle, The Beetle: It's designed to blend in with most 'small cargo' transports used at the time. The only entrance is at the rear. Passengers must go through the cargo storage to reach the cabin. The cabin has the latest in steering technology: a wheel. And enough space for any extra passengers or crew who are travelling. Anyways... this will be part of a future comic I'm working on. But this time around I hope to post a lot of the scenes and vehicles as creations aswell. It needs to be written fully first so I don't plan on posting the first part anytime soon. So, thanks for looking!
  8. Skinny Boy

    Inception in Lego

    I was about to post a rant about this comment until I noticed it was just copied entirely from the link. And 3d renders of Lego just don't look right to me. If it's not a brickfilm, it's not worth watching.
  9. Skinny Boy

    Lego Polar Xxpress 2013

    Hmmm, sounds interesting. I loved the original Arctic theme, but I didn't like the snowy Alpha Team. I know nothing about the ride but that is the snowmobile from the original Arctic theme, so I doubt it has anything to do with the upcoming theme.
  10. I use yellow figs. I'll only use a flesh coloured one if I want a pale fig that would stand out for some reason. I dislike them primarily because of the compatibility issues with the new torso prints from the licensed sets. A countless number of great new torso designs have been ruined because someone felt they just had to have some flesh coloured skin showing under the collar. Now obviously there's plenty of torsos that require the flesh tones (like the POTC cannibals etc.), but I'm talking about torsos like this. The added detail of showing the fig's skin under their clothes just isn't worth the fact that it throws compatibility out the window. If not for this, I'd have no beef with fleshies.
  11. Skinny Boy

    Death is Endearing

    Part 5: The Hills have Lies Eli: "Hayes! Open the gate! C'mon, you saw us coming." Hayes: "Can't do that Eli." Eli: "Why the hell not, I got people here need passage through the tunnel." Hayes: "Look, the engineers are workin' on the grid for this place, so they've all the different systems goin' on an' offline. The gate's closed for now." Soldier: "Even if it was workin' you wouldn't be goin' in." Eli: "Why not?" Hayes: "Dammit Eli they 'been trailin' you this whole time." Eli: "Who, what are you talkin' about?" Hayes: "A dozen crazies. They're hidin' in some rubble up the road. You idiots lead 'em right to us. Now get these people upstairs before they get shot." Jake: "Crazies? Lolwut?" Eli: "Alright c'mon, through here." Buck: "What's goin' on man? You told us we could get through!" Eli: "I'm sorry, the gate ain't opening." Jim: "So what the bloody 'ell are we supposed to do? Sit here as live dinner for those freaks?" Eli: "Uhhhh, Hayes! Is the other tunnel open?" Hayes: "Well that one doesn't have a gate, but we ain't heard from them in a while. Might've been attacked." Eli: "Well, you know where the Bronson Tunnel is? Go. Now." Jim: "Cheers mate. But you still owe us for the lift." Buck: "Yeah thanks for nothin' dickhead." Eli: "Alright everybody, welcome to the Hills. We've got a lot of stairs to climb to reach the top, but this is the safest place outside the Valley." Rick: "Speaking of which, you wanna tell us some more info on this Valley?" Eli: "Later." Several action-packed stair-climbs later... Eli: "Well... here she is... uhh..." Tom: "So this is some kind of government bunker?" Eli: "Uhhh... yeah..." Rick: "Something wrong?" Eli: "Yeah..." Eli: "...everybody's gone." Tom: "What's going on?" Eli: "There used to be a settlement here... lots of people in tents, and a shanty town. Aww dang." Eli: "The Sheriff's here. Stay here, let me talk to him." Eli: "Sheriff, how are things? What's the situation here?" Sheriff: "Eli... I'm gettin' too old for this." Eli: "Yes, I'm aware. But what's going on here, where are all the civvies?" Sheriff: "Don's orders. They've all been let into the Valley." Eli: "When did this happen?" Sheriff: "While you were out lookin' for that megablock who screwed with that skyscraper. You get him?" Eli: "We got him sir." Sheriff: "'We'?" Rick: "Was there a list of people who were moved from here?" Sheriff: "Son, there's a list of people who cut across me in conversation and wound up dead written on my boot. Would you like to add your name yourself?" Eli: "Sir, this is the man who helped me at the Stronghold. He's a military man. Name of Rick." Sheriff: "Rank of 'Prick' I assume? Oh and Eli?" Eli: "Yes?" Sheriff: "What in blue blazes are you doin' with a bunch of kids? Aw hell forget it. Look, we'll need some extra hands in the mornin' so don't go nowhere 'til I say." Eli: "Yes sir." Sheriff: "Y'all can sleep inside." One sleep-filled night later... Sheriff: "Alright boys, the engineers have finally done what they're bein' paid for. After all this time we get to see what treasures our old government had been storin' in this here hole." Eli: "What do you need us for?" Sheriff: "To look in the hole. Dammit Eli, I'm gettin' too old for this." Sheriff: "Alright fellers, open her up! 'Stand Clear' my megablocks." Sheriff: "Here we go..." Rick: "What are you expecting to find?" Sheriff: "Cursed pirate gold. Whattaya think? Weapons ya stinkin' varmin'. Eli-" Eli: "I know how old you are sir." Sheriff: "What in the hell's that supposed to mean?" Eli: "I think we ought to stand back sir." Sheriff: "Alright, take a few steps back. There we go. Wait a second." Sheriff: "The damn blast door just shut on us. Hey fellers! Get that door opened up!" Sheriff: "Now, what have we here? Shoot, all I see is dust and smoke." Eli: "Shh, sir? Can you hear that? Gunfire." Sheriff: "AK47's. Aww hell." Sheriff: "Private!? What's happening son?!" Soldier: "They're everywhere!" Soldier: "AAAHHHHHHHH HELP ME!!!" Sheriff: Oh merciful Lord..." Rick: The kids! What the hell happened!" Eli: "The crazies, they got through. Christ." Sheriff: "Y'all get outta here now, that's an order. Go on now, head down that hole, find a safe way out." Rick: "I'm not leaving thos ki-" Sheriff: "Go on now get!" Sheriff: *sigh* "I'm gettin' too old for this." --------------------------------------------------- Ok, so it's been a while. And yes I lied about part 5 being good. Anyways, I'm gonna leave this comic for now (who didn't see that coming?). I've got exams and other stuff to get done. Plus lots of ideas I wanna try out. Mainly a new Sci-Fi comic. Maybe I'll come back to D.I.E, but for now, farewell. And thanks for looking!
  12. Skinny Boy

    Death is Endearing

    He's currently on the frontpage of Eurobricks, in the second news item.
  13. Skinny Boy

    Death is Endearing

    Part 4: Stronghold in the Sky Julie: "I can't believe we made it this far..." Jake: "The safest place in the city..." Tom: "The Stronghold in the Sky. Tom: "Hello? Anyone there?" Voice: "No." Tom: "We need your assistance, can you help us? Voice: "Yes." Jake: "Will you?" Voice: "No." Jake: "Come on..." Voice: "Oh alright. Gimme a minute." Julie: "Is that guy naked?" Tom: "Let's hope not." Man: "Come in, quickly!" Jake: "Don't look down." Tom: "You've never fallen 15 stories before?" Man: "Follow me upstairs, and pull the bridge in behind you." Man and Woman: "Hello and welcome!" Tom: "Uhhh, hi..." Man: "I'm Joseph. This is my lovely wife Mary. And the man who let you in is our sone, Brian. Tom: "What's going on..? Where is everybody?" Joseph: "Sit down, we'll tell you everything." Jake: "Everything?" Joseph: "Everything." Joseph: "So, it all started like this." Tom: "Like what?" Joseph: "Like this. Just me, my wife, and our son. We were the first to settle in this building after the outbreak. More people came, and they'd been coming and going until a few days ago. Until the man fell from the sky." Rick: "What? A man fell from the sky?" Mary: "Yes, straight out of the sky. He landed safely, but we never got a chance to talk to him. Joseph: "Sadly, he had been bitten. And actually infected the rest of the building." Tom: "What?! The whole building?!" Joseph: "Well, except for us obviously, and a few others made it out and have been gone since. Please sit down, we're safe here. The demons are all locked upstairs. In fact there's a man up now looking to kill some of them, or one in particular I think." Rick: "Where are they? Which floor?!" Joseph: "Please calm down. Brian will show you if you want to see them." Mary: "Brian dear, show this man upstairs will you?" Tom: "Hey, what are you doing? Why are you going up there?" Rick: "Stay here all of you. I have to take care of something." Brian: "The man daddy mentioned is down there. He'll show you the demons." Rick: "You… I’ve seen you before." Man: "You look familiar aswell… do you know Johnny Farkas?" Rick: "Yeah, that’s it, I’ve seen you with him." Man: "Me and Johnny were good friends. Oh, my name’s Eli." Rick: "I’m Rick. You were in the military right?" Eli: "Yeah, 7th armored. I was stationed here during the outbreak. Talk about ground zero… it was hell. You and Johnny were pilots together." Rick: "Yeah… good times…So what’s the situation here?" Eli: "Well, this building used to be the safest in the city, now it’s no different to any other. A few days ago a guy fell from the sky. He was infected. People here didn’t know, tried to help him, and now except for the three downstairs, everybody here is good as dead." Rick: "The man who fell… was Johnny… wasn’t it?" Eli: "How… how the hell did you know that? I was gonna tell you…" Rick: "Because it was my plane he fell from." Eli: "Now hold up. You better start explainin’ yourself." Rick: "So me and Johnny had just came home on leave. We both stopped to visit our folks in Blackwood before comin’ to the city. While we were there the infection broke out, so we holed up on my family’s farm. We were doing fine until one day a group of people came to us lookin’ for help. They had no weapons, and Johnny knew one of them, so he let ‘em stay. Turns out one of ‘em was infected. Only me and Johnny made it out. I kept my old biplane in the barn, so we flew it here ‘cos my wife and kids live here. I gave up hope for them, but after my folks went, ‘figured if they’re alive, they’re the only family I got left. Anyway, mid-flight Johnny apologises for letting the group onto the farm, said he knew one was infected but he still wanted to try his luck with the girl they had. I blacked out for a second ‘cos I was so mad. I punched him in the face and managed to throw him off the plane. Never knew he packed a parachute. After strugglin’ with him I couldn’t regain control of the plane and I crashed about 2 miles from here. A group of teenagers found me, told me the safe area was the hills, so I’ve been following ‘em there. We came here to plan a route from the rooftop." Eli: That’s quite a story… I’ll miss Johnny a little less now knowing that’s what got him killed. He always had more balls than brains. Alright look, I know the way to the hills, so you don’t need to get to the roof. However… Rick: "What?" Eli: "I do have a job that needs to be done." Rick "What is it?" Eli: "Don Torino asked me to come here and kill the son-of-a-bitch who infected this place. Now after hearing that story, you’re the real one responsible, but, I don’t kill people unless they’re trying to kill me. Are you pointing that Luger at me?" Rick: "No... Wait, a Don? Like the Godfather? Asked you to kill Johnny… or me?" Eli: "There’s no mafia out in Blackwood, but in Cedar Bay, they run everything. Look, I’ll explain later. Right now there’s 30 of those infected bastards on the other side of that door, and those crates won’t hold ‘em forever." Eli: "Normally I’d have no problem, but those idiots downstairs never told me there was so many. I went in there got rushed and dropped my bag of pistol clips. My rifle is useless in such close range, so how many rounds you got?" Rick: "Enough." Eli: "Good. There’s another door into that room around the other side. They’ve been sniffing me out for hours now so just about all of them should be at this door. We go through the other one safely, kill Johnny, take his watch… he was wearing it when you threw him out right?" Rick: "He never took that thing off." Eli: "Right, take his watch, grab my pistol clips, come back here for my rifle, then we can go to the hills." Rick: "If you see Johnny first, tell me before you shoot him. I wanna see the life drain from his eyes." Tom: "This is pointless. We're looking South. The hills are to the North East." Julie: "Gunfire." Tom: "Goddammit, what is he doing up there?" Jake: "Wait... listen... there's something coming up the building." Tom: "They can't climb... it must be a person." Tom: "What the hell?" Man: "Hey, have you seen a woman named Liz?" Julie: "No..." Man: "Alright, cheers." Jake: "He's trustworthy." Tom: "Here's Rick." Rick: "We're leaving." Jake: "Wait, we just got here, what's the hurry?" Eli: "You don't wanna know." Tom: "Who's this guy?" Eli: "Follow me, there's an elevator around the corner." Eli: "Ok. Should arrive any minute." Tom: "What? What's going on?" Eli: "Oh right. I've gotten used to the electricity in the Valley." Jake: "Electri-" Eli: "Rick, hold the other door open. Alright kid, you first. Just jump and grab the cables. We'll see you down there." Eli: "And you two, come on. Rick: "You got the door?" Eli: "Go for it." Eli: "You'll see some action soon Esmerelda." Eli: "Through here." Julie: "What's that?" Eli: "Transport. Thank God." Man: "Hey, stop right there!" Eli: "Look, we don’t want any trouble. The entire infected population of this building is making its’ way towards us right now. If we walk outta here they’ll catch us on the streets." Man: "Well that’s your problem ain’t it? Oh wait… Hey Laura! Is this thing running?" Laura: "Just got her to turn over a minute ago, who are these people?" Man: "They want a free ride. But like me they haven’t gotten an answer yet babe." Laura: "Always a charmer Buck. Hey if you want a lift talk to the driver Jimmy. And you folks look spooked, whats goin’ on?" Eli: "All the infected in this building are coming for us." Laura: "Hey Jimmy!" Jimmy: *yawn* "What the bloody hell is goin’ on? Is the engine workin’ yet?" Buck: "Apparently, but we have other problems." Jimmy: "‘ello mate, whats the problem?" Eli: "We need a ride, now." Jimmy: "Well we don’t have much room, we’ve got cargo as you can see." Eli: "Screw your cargo, we’re all gonna get eaten alive if we don’t leave right now." Jimmy: "What, the buzzards from upstairs have gotten loose? You’re takin’ the piss mate." Laura: "Shut up for a minute and listen. I can hear them coming." Jimmy: "Jesus… " Jimmy: "Alright get the crates loaded we’re moving sharpish." Eli: "Hey, you’re not gonna just leave us here are you?" Jim: "I’m sorry mate, I need that cargo to get past the checkpoint and into the hills." Eli: "I can get all of you in for nothing." Jim: "Alright alright. But if you’re tellin’ porkies mate, I’ll sell you lot to the Duke. Everybody in!" --------------------------------------- I cut a few scenes so I could post this today. Nothing important, just small bits. I need to start planning the scenes for Part 5. Thanks for looking!
  14. Skinny Boy

    Death is Endearing

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad you're enjoying it. Unfortunately it looks like Part 4 won't be ready until next Sunday at the earliest. I really don't like only getting one part done every 2 weeks, but I've got so little free time these days. Thanks for the informative comment Zepher. Always good to hear from you. Heh, yeah. I've been trying to avoid that cliché scene where a character spills their guts about their past and all the other characters start judging him/her differently. Oddly enough I just shot most of part 4 today, and Rick does this, but with good reason. He talks to a new character, not the group, so they're still unsure what he's all about. This new guy really stirs things up. Like I said above, Part 4 reveals Rick's story, pretty much in full though I still have to tweak it a little. As for the others, well, to me it was assumed in Part 1 that: 1. They've known eachother for a while 2. They recently teamed up with Rick, but don't know much about him yet (and are scared to ask or leave him) 3. Their roles are: Tom is the leader; Jake is the stupid/funny one; Julie is just tagging along (she really needs some lines already ) So, these 3 have no reason to tell eachother their stories, since they know them already. And as discussed above, I'm not going to have them stop and reveal their life stories completely out of the blue. Really they're just here to provide dialogue. If not for them, this would be yet another clichéd story of a lone wanderer travelling the wastes in a Post-Apocalyptic setting. And I already did that with S.T.C. There will be a just cause for them to tell their stories in Part 5 (Part 5 makes the previous 4 look like crap ) but for now, they're just annoying teenagers heading to the roof of a skyscraper to map a route to the hills outside the city so a guy in a bomber jacket doesn't shoot them. Part 4 is definitely my favourite so far, even though I haven't built the biggest scene yet, nor bought a set I need for it. You'll meet some new (relatively sane) characters, learn a lot about Rick and a little about the outbreak of the infection. Well, I have work to do. As always, thanks for looking!