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Review: 7755 Diesel Heavy Shunting Locomotive

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Name: Diesel Heavy Shunting Locomotive

Set No.: 7755

Theme: LEGO / SYSTEM / Trains / 12v / Train Set

Year: 1983

Pieces: 160

Minifigs: 1

Price (when it as in stores): USD 50.00$ (which equals about EUR 45.00€)

Price nowadays (2d hand): USD 150.00$ (which equals about EUR 130.00€)


A great looking train, which had no tracks with the set itself. You can remove the roof to place the driver inside it. I think it was more meant to expand your layout if you were having one. Otherwise you need to buy a speedregulator and tracks. There is not a station with it also and no wagons. You can decide which wagons the train had to pull. I think the looks and the colors are just great. It looks quite big in comparison with other 12v sets. Only too bad it has only one minifig, the driver.

Then I knew, I want this train too.


Click on pic for bigger one

This is the second model you can make of the bricks of this set:


Click on pic for bigger one

The right view of the train:


Click on pic for bigger one

The left view of the train:


Click on pic for bigger one

Let's check the workplace of the driver:


Click on pic for bigger one

Mine version has 2 12v motors, so it can pull more wagons and runs better through the control points.


Click on pic for bigger one

At the moment the train is parked at the bridge which must to be build in future:


Click on pic for bigger one

Playability: 6/10 (To give this set a rate, it misses track, wagons and minifigs. It's more meant to expand your layout.)

Design: 8/10 (It look realistic and big in comparison with the other 12v sets.)

Price: 7/10 (By then, it was very cheap to buy the train. Nowadays, it's too expensive)

Overall: 8/10 (It looks fantastic.)

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That 12V engine is wonderful. I'd love to have it. Then I'd use it with a 9V motor. I love the design of this engine. In my opinion the big windscreens go well with the overall design, and the colour scheme red/grey/black is very appealing.

Panda, you should probably work on your reviews. I don't know if my suggestions are really good and productive since I myself haven't reviewed a set yet, but if I were you, I'd take a photo of the engine driver's workplace. A picture of the motor imitation under the red bricks would also be nice; or a pic of the box plus its backside if you still have it. Don't forget: These are only suggestions of someone who has never done a review himself. But if I were you, I'd use more pics.

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Wow! Looking at these old 12V sets really bring back visions of early Lego trains when I was a kid. How I wish I had even one.

It looks like you just picked this set up today Panda. It's in great shape! I love the classic set of red train doors as well as the old red shutters - they definately go way back. Are those DB stickers, or are they printed on the doors?

In any case, a fantastic set. I tend to agree with Legotrainfan. Your review could benefit from some additional images of this truly Classic Train set. Thanks for sharing though!

I've added a poll to your review as well as link in Train Tech. I look forward to seeing what you might share next. You're last train review (Push Along Passenger Train) inspired me to build the LGB-inspired train pictured in my signature. Thanks for bringing back these classics!

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Thx voor your reactions. I have forgotten the 2d model of this set and will try to fix this this evening. In the future I will also make pic's of the inside off all trains I make review of.

You keep me inspired to make more reviews of the trains :classic: .

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