4485 Mini Anakin's Podracer and Sebulba's Podracer

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Set#: 4485

Name: Mini Anakin's Podracer and Sebulba's Podracer

Theme: Star Wars

Year: 2003

Pieces: 72

Price: I paid 1000 yen

MSP: $4 US





From Amazon

Who will win the Boonta Eve Classic podrace? Hold the power of the force in the palm of your hand! Build amazingly detailed smaller versions of classic Star Wars ships and vehicles with LEGO Star Wars Mini Models! Return to Mos Espa and recreate the thrills of the Boonta Eve podrace with these detailed MINI Models. Who will win -- Anakin Skywalker or Sebulba? You decide! Collect all four sets -- 4484, 4485, 4486, and 4487 -- and get the pieces needed to build a special TIE Bomber MINI Model. A great addition to your Star Wars collection!

I've been looking for these 448~ series sets. I like minis, but also, I want to build that Tie Bomber. Of the 4 sets though, this was the one I was least excited to get. I had the original Anakin's Podracer set, and it was okay, but not a favorite. After building this though, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Package


The Pieces

There weren't any printed pieces or stickers, but there were some interesting pieces. Particularly, the clear stands (made with standard turret molds and dishes) and the sharp-looking orange pieces are welcome new additions to my collection.




The Promotion

As I said above, the set is came with 1/4 of a Tie Bomber. Very successful promotion since that's why I bought the set!


The Tie Bomber wing


The Finished Product

Sebulba's Podracer

I really dig this ship. I like the weight of it, the aero-dynamism of it. The colors are beautiful together. Maybe it was the low expectations I'd had, but I said "Wow" when I finished it.


I like the way the engine bricks are twisted at 45 degrees to create the arrow shape.


The clear underside does a good job of creating the illusion of floating.




Anakin's Podracer

I liked this one a lot less. The build is simpler, and is the first ship in the instruction book (the first is generally the weaker of the two). It's built in four steps. But, it is relatively accurate to the movie version.







All together




Design: 9/10 These are difficult ships to design, since they are so sparse. Definitely Sebulba's ship by itself is a 10/10. One thing which might have made it better would be some kind of tube connecting the engines to the ships, though it might have made it clunky.

Playability: 10/10 The paired sets are a perfect (LEGO) idea. These ships make up a large part of the Phantom Menace's best scene, and you get two to race against each other. You can hear the DON-DON-DON-DON-DON of the racers just by picking them up!

Price: 10/10 Not much money, and you get two cool sets. If it was just Sebulba's racer, I would be fine with the price

Build: 8/10 Nothing too unusual, but Sebulba's racer has some interesting techniques on the engines, to create the right angles on it.

Average Score: 9/10

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Nice set, how did you manage to do 2 reviews so close, 5mins apart?.

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3 :tongue:

They were in the reviewers academy, and I was just moving them over.

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I was gonna get this set but they only had the snowspeeder and atst so i got that. I think this is better though just for the different colours and clear parts

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Nice review! It really makes me want this set, especially since I've enjoyed the recent minis so much. I bet it was awesome to collect all the sets from 2003 and make the TIE bomber.

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This is one of the 2 SW minis I have, and I don't really care for it. :hmpf_bad:

Good review though!

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I missed out on all these mini sets. :sceptic: They are really cool but they are not worth $25 NZ for them now though. Great review by the way! :tongue:

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Nice set and review, the two trans-orange lightsaber piece was a good choice, although i would just make them into sabers :classic:

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Good review! This is one of the two Star Wars sets that I have, and although I don't care to much for the models, the pieces of this set are wonderful, especially the orange heads, yellow flameholders and the trans-orange lightsaber bars. :thumbup:

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