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  1. soc399

    Problem with Emerald Night Derailing

    Try watching the train derail at a very low speed to see exactly what is happening. Anytime my EN derails, the position of the cord connecting the engine and the tender is the culprit. Make sure you have enough slack and it isn't twisted.
  2. soc399

    Help identifying the set this belongs to

    It looks like this part from Fabuland. I found it by browsing "parts, container" on Bricklink.
  3. Do you know how much to ship to the US?
  4. soc399

    HUGE problem with

    I ordered from Amazon after Lego cancelled my order, too. I'm not happy with SAH, but the rep on the phone said there was no way to get me an Imperial Flagship.
  5. soc399

    Emerald Night Tender Problem?

    I have that problem when the PF cable doesn't have enough slack or gets caught on a minifig in the cab. Make sure the cable isn't twisted or stuck on anything. Also try going over the problem area at very low speed and watching exactly what's happening.
  6. soc399

    Giant Rats

    Check out this picture of a giant rat killed in New York City. The LEGO rat would be perfect to MOC this scene.
  7. soc399


    The newest issue of Railbricks (number 9) has an article on building pantograph wiring, which is called catenary. I'm just reading it now, but it looks pretty good. It even has some instructions.
  8. soc399

    10195 AT-OT oddity

    You should call customer service anyway for a new sticker sheet, but you may just want to move the odd dishes to the feet. It sounds like they changed the mold, and you got a mix of old and new parts.
  9. soc399

    The New Santa Claus

    I made a similar Santa with the gnome parts, and it works great. I especially like the face you chose.
  10. Stickers for currently available sets aren't too pricey, but sheets from old sets can be extremely expensive.
  11. soc399

    Replica of my house

    I've never done this myself, but I would base the scale on your doors or windows. Is there any part of your house that will be hard to reproduce or call for a specific part? Let that determine the proper scale.
  12. +1 for Dropsy. Thanks!
  13. soc399

    REVIEW: 4192 The Fountain of Youth

    My Blackbeard's sword and beard are really soft rubber. Are everybody else's squishy?
  14. soc399

    VIP Program question

    I actually got a free copy of Lego Universe with my latest catalog because I am a VIP member. I don't think I've ever gotten any mail I didn't want, but it's possible.
  15. soc399

    3 holes for axles on the new 88002 motor?

    I don't think the small blind wheel he mentioned exists.