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Professor Thaum

[Ep 5 - Cat A - P9 - DS ] Directive 4 part II - Droid Revolutionary Front

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hqw8.png : Councillor Damahd, we are still drifting. Our sensors just detected a ship popping out of hyperspace. He is close enough for can try to use it as relay to establish comlink with the HQ.

pyp6.jpg : Copy that. Keep me informed about that ship !



hqw8.png : Councillor, that ship is a freighter, no answer to our calls. Its only transmition is spread over two channels. One is encrypted millimeter wave,and there is the second :

Disincarnate voice : This is Revolution One. You are on our control screens. Do not attempt to resist. A prize crew is sent in the name of the Droid Revolutionary Front !



pyp6.jpg : A freighter boarding a star destroyer ? Droid Revolutionary Front ? What kind of crack is that ?

hqw8.png : No response to our calls, but I succeeded to relay a long range call. HQ online !





5wz3.png : Your Excellency, contact with the Rampage ! He reports engine HS and low communication capability. Impossible to localize yet, but you have the councillor Damahd online !

0r2g.png : Raint !? What happened ? Are you allright ?

pyp6.jpg : It's fine Master, we suffered an hyperdrive trouble. We popped out of hyperspace off the grid and we are unable to contact any navigation beam.

0r2g.png : Hyperdrive trouble ?

pyp6.jpg : Errr... yeah, err... sabotaged by... rogue droids ! Our engines are damaged, so are the com, but we still have full fighting capacity.

0r2g.png : Rogue droids ?

pyp6.jpg : Yes, we met a strange freighter. Its indicative shows it was stolen from Kessel and it seems to be under control of rogue droids wanting to... board the Rampage. A shuttle with a prize crew is now closing. This freighter is emitting an encrypted millimetric wave message, probably pirate code for droids. Some of ours already became wild and we had to... desactivate them. We are ready to destroy the shuttle and the freighter.

0r2g.png : Very interesting ! Don't destroy the freighter, just avoid the boarding by raising the shields or by disabling the shuttle. Let the freighter go its way after this. Hold on the comlink, I will assign Robbie on this millimetric wave code.

pyp6.jpg : You don't fear that this... revolution will spread ? A freighter with a full crew of droids out of control ?

0r2g.png : As soon as Robbie will have this file decrypted, it won't be a trouble for the Empire anymore. But it could spread among other sectors and wreak havoc. A chance for us to restore order and come to save the day !

pyp6.jpg : Allright , Master.

0r2g.png : We will send you a towing cruiser as soon as possible. Over.

pyp6.jpg : Copy that. Over.


My first entry for Ep 5. C&C welcome as usual



Some bonus shots of the freighter and the containers :










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Posted (edited)

Cool freighter! I really like how you used that "scaffold" as the main axis with all the containers around. 

I think, you nailed the practical look of a deep space cargo ship :thumbup:

Ah, and I'm curious what the Moff is about to do with the rogue droids :laugh:

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