Custom Rocket Racer themed t-shirt

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As you can see from my user name Rocket Racer is my favorite Lego character ever since I saw him in the original Lego Racers game back in 1999.

I had been thinking about making a custom t-shirt for myself but couldn't find a stock shirt with one blue and one red sleeve, so ultimately I decided to sew one myself.
The Rocket Racer logo was added with iron-on vinyl.

Not 100% happy with the result, but I think it came out ok seeing this was the first time I sew a shirt.


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This is the first time you did something like this??? And you are not 100% happy with the result?

OK, I can see that - because you are 150% happy, right?

I am not into RR, but that shirt along with the print is >super cool<. I love it. 1999 ... time flies.

All the best and thank you very much for sharing!


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