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Gift Island

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In response to some suggestions on an earlier thread, I have created a tourist trap gift shop for my seaside village.

To see the rest of the village in it's earlier incarnation, check the first and last posts on this thread

Here's the shop and it's slighly unsavory owner


Left and right side of the shop. Lot's of crap for sale. Who doesn't like frogs in seashells?



I built two identical secitons to go above the shop. Here's the front and back



For the roof, I designed two of these units front and back:



As a structure on my in-progress street rebuild


But what happens if you want to have two 8x16 buildings without identical tops? Well, that's ok..


They can be rearranged into two distinct 8x16 roofs


Lastly, arranged as an upper floor and roof for a 16x16 module.



This meathod does use alot more bricks than 16x16 modules, and far more bricks than 16x32 buildings, but I am loving the flexibility, and will be building at least one more 8x16 structure. I hope you all like them. Suggestions, comments etc, are appreciated.

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I know you are going to get a buncha crap for the size of those pictures, but that is very nice work! My favorite detail is the angled front stepas of that last buliding. :thumbup:


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Luckily the auto-resizer did it's job before I got to the page! :tongue:

This is awesome, Eilif. Your whole street is looking fantastic, and I love the interchangeableness of it all. (Yes, that is a word. :grin:) Great job, looking forward to seeing more! :sweet:


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Nice work mate. I really like the tackyness of that shop, it really reminds me of any seaside gift shops I've been in. I look forward to seeing this with your full seaside display! :thumbup:

Keep up the good work!

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Nice work! I love the shop, and the module floors are awesome! i have to go check out your village, now. :sweet:

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Thanks, I'm glad you folks like it.

I'm working like mad to finish 6 or so more modular building sections for the new version for our show this weekend at the Barrington Illinois Public Library (anyone in the area is welcome to stop by), so I won't be posting any new buildings this week. Not even the charming little police station that is just about finished...

I will, however, post detailed pics of the new module layout, including the new buildings early next week. Suggestions for improvement still welcome, as I'm still very much in the building and modifying stage.

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