[Tool/web] Ever wanted to easily import specific LDRAW parts into Studio? Here you go!

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Scenario: You were in the situation in which you missed some LEGO parts in Studio, but have seen them in LDRAW library.

But importing the whole LDRAW Library into your CustomParts folder seems like overkill (slowdown in Studio for having the basic stock of items twice)? Likewise you don't want to sort out all sub assemblies manually?

Now I have an easy solution for you: A Tool which searches for all sub-assemblies of your LDRAW part of choice, packing them into a zip with the right folder structure & offering it to you as a clean zip file to download & unzip it into your CustomParts folder!

Here is an example of the needed subparts for one Shock Absorber:

│   CAlicense.txt
│   CAreadme.txt
│   Readme.txt
    │       1-16cyli.dat
    │       1-16edge.dat
    │       1-4chrd.dat
    │       1-4cyli.dat
    │       1-4edge.dat
    │       1-8chrd.dat
    │       1-8cyli.dat
    │       1-8cyls2.dat
    │       1-8edge.dat
    │       1-8ndis.dat
    │       1-8rin10.dat
    │       1-8ring9.dat
    │       3-8edge.dat
    │       4-4con3.dat
    │       4-4con8.dat
    │       4-4cylc.dat
    │       4-4cyli.dat
    │       4-4disc.dat
    │       4-4edge.dat
    │       4-4rin10.dat
    │       4-4ring2.dat
    │       4-4ring3.dat
    │       4-4ring4.dat
    │       4-4ring8.dat
    │       4-4ring9.dat
    │       7-8cyli.dat
    │       7-8edge.dat
    │       peghole.dat
    │       t04o2500.dat




  1. Visit the LDRAW Homepage's part lookup: (Some Bricklink IDs don't match LDraw part numbers)
  2. Search for your part of choice & copy the number
  3. Enter this number into the searchfield
  4. A list of all fitting parts from the catalogue will show up - clicking the result entries will create a zip package with just the needed subassemblies for that specific part
  5. To use the packs, unzip them and place their contents in your "C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\\CustomParts" (Windows).
  6. The parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio.

Some example results as direct links of parts missing in Studio:

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Thanks a million for that tool!!!

I am using MLCad for building and thus the LDraw library. I like to use for rendering ... and now this will be one genuinely nice workflow.


All the best,

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@freakwave Its just ~150 lins of dirty php code.

Its more or less just 1 recursive function, walking down the references to subparts of the main part and adding them into a zip-stream, which is send to the browser.

I will have to check if there are any legal reasons denying that - I will check out if I can add the unofficial parts on the weekend.

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Posted (edited)

Hey @freakwave, first of all, sorry for one week without an update! Finally had some minutes to take a initial look :D
Legal reasons shouldn't be any concern for the unofficial parts, as far as I get it.

Only problem I see is, the unofficial lib is updated very frequent and it would need some scheduled job for my script / server to have the library files refreshed with a more recent version - technically its no huge thing, just needs some brainjuice (I would also use this to automatically update the official one, because it was just placed manually there for the first approach)..

Open Questions: 

  • Would a checkbox for "include LDraw unofficial" for the search be enough for your needs?
  • Do you know if the unofficial contains parts which are already in the official? If so, this could create multiple result.
    • Could be solved by also prefixing the source [official|unofficial] at the search-results links

I hope I can give some feedback on this sunday already, regards.

Edit: updated official parts with the latest files (2022-03, released on 2022-05-07)

Edit 2: The unofficial LDraw Lib contains also other parts (textures etc) -> need to extend my script to be able to include them too.


Edited by aFrInaTi0n

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This does not really need its own thread so I decided that this thread would be best to post it in, but you can also import .io models directly LDCAD by opening the  io file in WINRAR, and extracting model.ldr. For a while I thought that the password was just garbage data being treat as a password because it happned to be in the same section of the file that WINRAR uses to check if the archive has a password, and what it is (in encrypted form) but turns out I was wrong, the password is actually just soho0909. I found the password from this souce after extensive googling:

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@SNIPE Not really gitting it, your topic is for imports from Studio to LDCad - my thread is about importing parts from LDraw into Studio...

All good if you think it fits best here, but maybe I didn't got your point correctly.. :D

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