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[PART MOD] 49.5x16mm tires from 15413

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Please note that this modification requires using a knife and superglue, so if you are against doing so to branded pieces of ABS/rubber, I recommend avoiding the following topic.

Long ago had started building a truck (lorry/ tractor truck, not a pickup) using 49.5mm wheels in LDD, but quickly realized just how oversized in width lego tyres are, since they are almost the same width as a double rear wheel on a truck. And since the 56904 rim has such excellent building possibilities decided to go ahead and fit one of the tires to see how they'd look. The end result was quite satisfying, being almost the required width (2 studs vs 1.7 studs according to Sariel's scaler) and looking excellent. 






And to get a more truck-like look for the front wheels a pulley with pins can be used: 


Here's how to mount it, despite the weak looks, it fits very well and does not fall off:





- 1. Take the tire (without rim) and slightly squeeze it from the sides to bulge it out a bit, this will make it easier to make a clean cut.

- 2. Use a precision craft knife to carve along the inside of the first line, the less material you leave at this point (the closer you cut to the line) the cleaner the end result will be. Here's what it should look like after being cut:


- 3. Confirm a clean fit and remove any excess rubber, the two halves should fit together cleanly.

-4. Use superglue and fit them together in sections, so as to make sure they are fitted correctly. I've used brandless superglue from poundland, is extremely cheap, works great and haven't observed any side effects (melting, breaking apart...), cures in 10s approximately, ready to use as is. If you feel like it's not strong enough (haven't been able to break mine apart, despite stretching them on and off the rims a considerable amount of times and even squeezing them in my hands) they could be reinforced with a thin layer of hot melt glue from the inside. Here's how what you should end up with at the end (49.5x20 tyre on the right, modified 49.5x16 in the middle and the leftovers from the modification in the middle)


-5. Enjoy your new truck wheels)))


Notice: do not attempt unless you are a "certified professional" :wink:


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Cool modification but that is a lot of work for each tire!

BTW.. I came up with another version to get  a truck-like look.  Posted it on the third-party tires thread.  

Inspiration for this came as I am working on a mobile telescopic crane at this scale.  Quite possibly a rendition of our famous Grove 6400 crane (with 42009 tires) just at a smaller scale.  

In looking to see if a crane at this scale is possible I found that the tires are still to scale (more or less) but just appear small.  I believe this is because the side wall seems too thin.  On the real crane the hub is relatively small compared to the side wall.  So, with this rendition of the same tire, but using a different rim, it gives the appearance of a bigger sidewall while maintaining the overall diameter of the tire.  Created using Lego parts (4) Technic Wedge Belt Pulley, (2) "....." rubber belt, six gray 2L pins (without friction ridges).  Kinda part heavy for one rim but they work well and solidly hold the tire in place.  Before and after pics below.  Yours would need to be thinner after your modification, but that would be easy.  Just use three, or two (whichever works best) wedge pulleys instead of four. This gives both a larger side-wall appearance, but also the lugnuts appearance you are looking for (and no star from the rim appearance in the background).  







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