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Folwin heads to the Allanar market with a cart load of fresh carrots. While Allanar is a dwelf town, customers from the Adventurers Guild do often frequent it for the high quality goods. Dorsey is one such customer, whose prime adventuring years are well behind him. Though he doesn’t think so, and still picks brawls that more often than not result in him wandering around dazed for sometime.


More photos on Brickbuilt.

Thanks for looking!

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The colors here are a little daring but they pop well.  I like the decoration around the stone archway and the use of the blue nexo shields for the market stand.  I like the expression on Folwin, too!  The produce stand is well made and has great use of SNOT on the front in such a small space.  My only question when I look at it is how the lime green, which I associate with new growth and spring, goes with the dark red, which I associate with fall.  Could it be that the first spring grass is rising and the winter was so mild that not all the leaves got knocked off the trees?

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