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[ MOC ] General Grievous Kinetic Sculpture

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Hello there!

I want to show you my first kinetic sculpture - Walking Grievous. 

Figure is activated by turning a little switch on the left side of a stand. This swith is connected to the PF Battery Box via interesting lever.


The stand contains M-motor for the main function - walking. L-motor for battle mode.                                                                                                                                                                  


Walking mechanism consists of two levers to move legs forwards and backwards and lifting them. Also M-motor drives a crankshaft to move whole figure up and down for more realistic movements.


This is not a 75112 set at all. Only things thsy have in common are chestplate and head. Other thing are different. Legs have been completely reworked to match Grievous from TCW series, I've added tubes for his neck, trans-yellow barrel-pieces for chest container and removed a lot of spare plates and armor. Now the figure is much closer to the original proportions of General.


It also has battle mode - Grievous is able to twirl his sabers with upper arms, which can be added and connected to the L-motor with an axle behind Grievous's back. 


I recommend you to watch the video to see how this all moves and works:

Thanks for watching!

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Impressive :) Especially with the spinning lightsabers! It's just a bit unfortunate that there is a noticeable wobble in the upper body, but I can't see how that could be fixed. Btw don't you think his walk is a tad too slow? It looks to me like the pace of his gait is almost slo-mo compared to the blade spin.

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