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So, what are Leaf, IP-2 and Zebra?

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8 hours ago, MAB said:

Yes, they do. Will people buy one Beatles one and continuously rebuild it to make all four Beatles, or will they go for 4x sets and display all four. Displaying one Beatle at a time looks a bit crap to me, but maybe people will.

My point was to do with the ease of removal. Removing four plates at a time is going to be significantly quicker than using an ice-scraper type implement to remove six tiles.

I think you're right about the removal. The ice scraper technique might fling tiles off if you're not careful.

Still I can't help to suspect a different reason for the studs: Tiles look nicer but are more expensive. Nerds are going to buy Star Wars and Marvel stuff no matter the quality. "Normal" people who don't think of themselves as nerds might buy a Beatles or Warhol set but only if it looks nice.

Same reason they put stickers in UCS Star Wars sets but put printed parts in the Saturn V.

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On 7/1/2020 at 5:36 PM, danth said:

Do we know why some have tiles while others have studs?

I'm pretty sure I know the real reason but I was wondering if there was an official reason.

From an interview with designer Samuel Johnson:


Why do the Star Wars and Marvel mosaics feature studs while the Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles mosaics are assembled using tiles?

Star Wars and Marvel have an existing relationship with LEGO so combining those with traditional studs felt the most natural. Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles, on the other hand, seemed more suited to smooth tiles. Additionally, using both alternatives allows a degree of experimentation as we can learn which format is more popular and perhaps consider using different pieces in the future.


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19 minutes ago, tafkatb said:

From an interview with designer Samuel Johnson:

Ah cool! An official answer. Thanks for that!

Kind of another way to word what I had guessed. "Nerds" are comfortable with Lego already. People who wouldn't normally buy Lego don't want to see studs.

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