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Hi, somebody has instructions and box regarding to the lego shown in the pictures? Or maybe a set of it? If someone has any information about the mentioned things, please let me know , I would be very thankful.
Thank you . 


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Hi Csuji!  Can you provide a higher-resolution photo?  You'll want to user Flickr or some other hosting site and then link the image here, not use the Eurobricks image hosting (that is just for your avatar and images in your board signature, etc.).  Or more context on where you found these instructions?

It looks like it may be a robotic arm from an in-store building event or something like that since it's not typical Lego set instructions in either design or layout.

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Yes there is a higher resolution picture but I couldn’t upload it so I had to make it smaller. I will try to upload it to an other “sharing” website and then I share the link. 

Yes it’s a fanuc robot hand. 

I have got the pictures from a person working for the fanuc, who is installing robots like this but he couldn’t obtain one for me. Every time when the mentioned company is installing a new robot, it gives the customer a set of lego like this, as a represantative gift. It is a real lego set which the lego company is producing especially for the Fanuc. There is no way to buy it is a shop or website however I realy want to obtain one some way. 

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