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  1. Csuji


    Yes there is a higher resolution picture but I couldn’t upload it so I had to make it smaller. I will try to upload it to an other “sharing” website and then I share the link. Yes it’s a fanuc robot hand. I have got the pictures from a person working for the fanuc, who is installing robots like this but he couldn’t obtain one for me. Every time when the mentioned company is installing a new robot, it gives the customer a set of lego like this, as a represantative gift. It is a real lego set which the lego company is producing especially for the Fanuc. There is no way to buy it is a shop or website however I realy want to obtain one some way.
  2. Hi, somebody has instructions and box regarding to the lego shown in the pictures? Or maybe a set of it? If someone has any information about the mentioned things, please let me know , I would be very thankful. Thank you .
  3. Csuji

    [MOC ]90's Honda NSX

    Hi Grey Gear! What was the duration of planning it in ldd?
  4. Beautiful moc. Grate job!!!.😯😀