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42060 C-Model: Combine Harvester

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My girlfriend gave me the 4260 Road Work Crew for the holidays (you can see her present in the back of the pictures). I thought it'd be fun to have a go at building a C-Model. I grew up in a rural community and combine harvesters were a common sight in my youth. Without further ado, this is the result:


The model has the following functionality:

  • The mower drives the conveyor
  • The conveyor almost reaches the hopper
  • The hopper can be disconnected
  • Rear-wheel steering

The model is more fragile than I would have liked but this is the best I could manage with the limited part selection. The colours, stickers and the anniversary brick work out quite nicely.

Some more pictures can be found in the Instagram post.


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Judging by the general shape, placement of the trailer and function of the model I'd say this is a good representation of a forage harvester. Nice work. I'd like to build this myself! :thumbup:

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You made me buy the set, which was on sale in a store near by me (I payed less than 16 € for both 42060 and 75877 lego speed champion mercedes amg gt3). I will try to build your model by looking at the photos.


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