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  1. [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Your reviews are always a joy to read. A bit of humour, some obscure details and great photography: 5/5, would read again.
  2. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    One way to limit the amount of space needed is to build in two passes. In the first pass, you ignore colors altogether. This simplifies searching since the search space is smaller. Once you are fully content with structure and functionality, you will know exactly how many bricks you need in which color. Now you can gather all the parts from your collection, which is much more efficient than searching during the build. Of course, if you are really lazy, you can also order the parts from BrickLink and outsource the searching ;).
  3. Nice mechanism, smooth operation and great photography. Really a nice GBC!
  4. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Mine arrived a week ago but I only built it yesterday since it was a birthday present to myself. That wait definitely took some self-control :D. I agree with almost everyone here: This is a great set, possibly my favourite ever. Of course the subject matter is epic. But the build itself is lovely from the first to the 1969th brick (actually, brick #1969 is the brick separator but let's not split hairs ;)). Building this set is an excellent way to appreciate the sheer scale of the Saturn V. The build is subdivided in 12 sealed bags. The last one contains command module, the escape rocket, the lander, the service module, the splashed down command module, the stands, the lunar diorama and the payload fairing. The remaining 11 bags are dedicated to building the three stages that propel the relatively tiny service module+lander to a lunar intercept trajectory. Sometimes I change round the order of the bags to make for a more interesting build, but in this case building bottom-up is a great way to appreciate the dimensions and structure of the rocket. The build is a masterclass in SNOT techniques. Almost every technique in the book is used to create an attractive shape, an impressive level of detail and a surprisingly sturdy model. Last but not least: If you would want to use this set as a parts pack (which I would consider heresy, by the way), you'll never need to bricklink another SNOT connector ever since the set is absolutely filled with them. This set is a must-have. If you don't get it, you will regret it.
  5. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Amazing. I ordered mine on wednesday night 9PM (the Netherlands) and it was already on backorder. No indication as to the delivery date.
  6. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Hi Doug, it's nice to see how inventive you are. You are running into some of the problems I've also run into, although I haven't explored the mechanism as thoroughly as you have. The problem is that the mechanism both needs to provide quite some torque, needs to be very precise and also needs to run smoothly. I'm curious to see if the stronger differential will make a difference
  7. Lower left: This is a turntable. It allows you to rotate one structure in relation to another one like for instance the turret of a tank. Top left: This cam can be used in camshaft mechanisms. Also, it allows for a 1.5 stud offset which can be useful in some mechanisms, especially crankshafts Bottom middle: These gearboxes allows easy fitting of a worm wheel and a 24t gear for a 1:24 reduction in rotational speed and a 24x increase in torque. Center left: This is a differential, allowing the outer driven wheel to turn faster than the inner one in a turn Center Right: This is a clutch, used in gearboxes. You'll need additional parts for it. Right: These rods are used for suspension in cases there there needs to be more than one degree of freedom
  8. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Your progress is looking really impressive. And it looks pretty compact too, loving it!
  9. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Wow, that looks good. It might have both the torque and precision required for the Ballkirk Wheel!
  10. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Wow, that's a lovely module! It would be interesting to find out if this solution could generate the torque and precision needed for the ballkirk wheel.
  11. [GBC] Hamster Wheel

    I love it! The water feeder is my favourite detail ;).
  12. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Hey Doug! I have tried using a retarding mechanism with clutch but I did not succeed in creating a version with a good timing and smoothness so I'm really interested in your progress!
  13. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Even if I search by number, the rim is missing; at least on my PC. Must be a bug or something
  14. [GBC] Ballkirk Wheel

    Thanks for the compliments, guys! I spent quite a lot of time finetuning the module and I had a lot of fun! The real challenge is in making it reliable. Now I am working on a module that can create worst-case bunches of 30 balls at once for more rigorous testing of modules. I'll call it the Tsunami. The tire (50591) is available, but the rim isn't. Might be a bug, there are more parts missing (like the PF L motor for instance).