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[MOC] Mercedes-Benz s124 (1992)

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Hello folks!

I've got tired from supercars and monstrous SUV. So I made (ok, i tried to) some very regular car - Mercedes Benz s124 (w124 estate - )



Dimensions (studs): 71*25*21. 
PF elements: 4L (propulsion), 1m (gearbox), 1 servo (steering) +2sbricks, 3x PF-lights.
Features: working fake engine & steering wheel, AWD, 4speed sequential gearbox*, McPherson suspension (front) dwb (rear), opening doors (+locks), trunk, hood.


*by Sariel -


Merry Christmas, have a nice holydays!

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As I previously said IRL - very nice wagon with brilliant PF integration!
Maybe not so nice bodywork in rear (especially archs), but functionality of model pays for all the shortcomings. Complicated and instantly recognizable front part, unique front suspension, working fake engine and completed interior - all this things are looking great when assembled in a single model, and full PF motorisation even with gearbox as a final nice touch.

Hope we'll see more models from you in future! :moar:

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The proportions are very good and some more white flex axles would solve the wheel arches (or some other solution). Its a great estate car.


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