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  1. februar88

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Well, first of all, TLG, well done, Bravo! It's a very brave step. I've heard so many times "TLG can't make a set like fan's moc", and had to answer "they can, but it will cost over xxxx". Now all of this haters will see that. I guess it's some kind of experiment "are customers prepared to pay for really big, detail, fully-motorised set or they just complaining about". You think that you want... You think you do, but you don't (c). I'm absolutely ok with the new system, cause I pretty sure that 2-3 weeks after release I will download an app in play market to control ctrl+, sbrick with bt-gamepad, so it's not a problem. Migration will be very smooth. Only one thing heart me, and it's a pain in the megablocks: AA batteries! Hello, TLG, It's 2019! My watches have micro-usb+lipo, my pad has it, my phone has it, my headphones has it. Every single 10$ Chinese toy has it. Do I really need to buy batteries every week? Or buy really expensive rechargeable batteries and also find place and time to recharge them? Or waste my time to find the place to utilize them? I'm ok with regular battery boxes in sets, I have rather a big wardrobe to store them, lol. But now it's not useless piece plastic, it's magic-box with bt and gyroscope. And AA batteries?
  2. Hello folks! I've got tired from supercars and monstrous SUV. So I made (ok, i tried to) some very regular car - Mercedes Benz s124 (w124 estate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_W124 ) Dimensions (studs): 71*25*21. PF elements: 4L (propulsion), 1m (gearbox), 1 servo (steering) +2sbricks, 3x PF-lights. Features: working fake engine & steering wheel, AWD, 4speed sequential gearbox*, McPherson suspension (front) dwb (rear), opening doors (+locks), trunk, hood. *by Sariel - http://sariel.pl/2015/04/4-speed-compact-sequential-transmission-v11/ Merry Christmas, have a nice holydays!
  3. februar88

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Nah, cool idea to wait for cool epic rims and kill em with stuped pulleys Lol, they want us to think that this ugly pulleys are ventilated brake discs?
  4. 21. Sprite 2 pullback motors funny jdm-style disign stance
  5. februar88

    [TC13] Sprite

    Thanks for comments More pics and simple video for entry post
  6. februar88

    [TC13] IAERO 1800+

    It's very nice, but not flawless. Let's change black small wings (nose) to red and and 1 11-studs liftarm (rearwing) to white. Plus it will be better to change color of the seat. Voila - McLaren mp4/4
  7. februar88

    [TC13] IAERO 1800+

    If you changed little side-wings and the 11-studs liftarm (rear-wing) to red, my McLaren-heart would beat faster :)
  8. februar88

    [TC13] Sprite

    I would say, regular. It's rather heavy, but it has couple pullbacks Thanks.
  9. februar88

    [TC13] Sprite

    Yesterday i had an insomnia, and i decided to make something for TC13. Actually i finished with my "Sprite" at all. But now i want to show my progress throught the night. Core idea - to make some funny jdm-style car with stance. Now it looks little bit different I have to make a video and make an entry post.
  10. februar88

    F1 2017

    Cool, yeah! Just 1 question: where is the shark fin?
  11. februar88

    [WIP] F14A Tomcat

    Actually we have changed standart NAVY colorscheme and now we use dark grey for all kind NAVY aircrafts. Earlier we used to apply any sort of camouflage (desert, khaki, urban, dirty blue) topside and light blue for underside - to make aircraft less visible at any angle. But now it's useless, ofc.
  12. februar88

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    No, God, noooooooo! 50 shades of blue...
  13. well, in this case it's very easy to follow Sariel's speed build.
  14. februar88

    [HELP] Finding Fishertechnik Traktor Tyres

    Paint mad skillz! :) http://gluon.rghost.ru/68Jd2ClLk/image.png
  15. februar88

    [MOC] Armageddon Armadillo vehicle

    first of all music - original OST: Aerosmith - Don't want to miss a thing. Anyway, now it's working and I hope youtube won't ban it.