[GBW] (Campaign 9) Commonwealth of Southern Territories - Get Rich or Die Tryin'

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Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Fulkasho - E8


Commonwealth of Southern Territories had recently deployed a team of two Apache AH-64E Guardians on patrol in the coastal lowlands of Fulkasho.  Their mission was to search and destroy any opposition at 3 sites, all suspected weapons manufacturing (small arms) depots.  Contact was made at two of the three sites, all targets eliminated and factories were left in ruins.  Upon destroying the second location, multiple vehicles were seen in the early hours vacating the third site.  When the Apache team arrived, they surveyed the area and concluded that all humans had vacated the premises and called in a team to evaluate the situation.  Within thirty minutes, the team arrived on site to collect intel...and cash?



Definitely the right site!


"We've got an abandoned building here, factory used to construct small arms."


"What you guys got over there?"


"We seem to have an outdoor storage lot, all crates are filled with rifles of various calibers."


"Looks like the Apaches came into the area at just the right time and scared the SoF outta' here!  I believe they were loading all of these onto this flat car."


"JACKPOT!!!  They were in such a rush they forgot to take their cash!  HAHAHAH!!!"


"Ground team update...We've located a large stockpile of small arms, mainly assault rifles, being loaded onto a flat car.  No clue as to final destination.  We also located three, THREE, large pallets of cash.  Going to need at least two transport trucks to this location ASAP.  Team leader out."



Overview shot...



Rebuilt two older Brickmania HUMVEEs, used an assortment of Citizen Brick and Brickmania soldiers.  Brickarms and Minifig Cat gear.  Had seen the whip antennae used on vehicles before so I tried it on these, I like how they came out.  The flat car is from Brick Model Railroader, they build 8 wide rolling stock for train layouts.  The flat car will hold two HUMVEEs comfortably, I just swapped the deck so it would hold crates instead of autos.

It's the zero hour and I'm just out of it.  Couldn't find the motivation or inspiration to build for this Campaign, but I promised my team I would.  Found a pic about a week ago on the net of a set up very similar to this over in the middle east.  A factory and a small open air shed/pole barn set up.  Figured I would run with it.  I'm out of time for details on the ground...more rocks in the ballast...tire tracks.  So, this is what I have and I'm turning it in.














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Great scene of an abandonned city site !

I like your version of the Humvees ! And the photography of the all is very clear and acurate !

Great job sir !

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You’ve been awarded (8) points.

Judges’ comments…

You gave yourself no credit in your after post and failed to utilize some of your best assets in the build. You did a great job with your build and I thought everything was very unique. The buildings and little connex boxes were a nice touch. It was obvious you were tired and done when you went to take your pictures as you could have done a lot more here in terms of minifigs and story. Overall, exceptional building as always!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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