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[MOC] Group-C 1990

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Dear fellow LEGO enthusiasts! 

May I present to you, my most recent model, a 90's -Era Group-C racecar. 

It consist of 900 parts, it features real steering, removable rear bodywork, fully modeled engine + interior, wheel covers -  and all the proper aerodynamic features that made those race cars such fast beasts. :classic:

Scale is about the same as the Ferrari F40, which is approx 1:14. I hope you like it! 

(7 pictures)












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2 hours ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

Great car ...the back side looks really futuristic!  :wub:

Thank you! Yeah back in the 90's some Group-C and IMSA GTP cars looked way ahead of their time, even more futuristic than race cars today. :classic:

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Ah, why is none of my creations ever finished. :laugh:

Update: swapped the flat tile with two 6191 curved bricks at the front splitter for more realistic diffuser aerodynamics and curved the rear wing endplates inwards with 4 15068 slopes for reduction in drag. . 








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