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MOC INTRO REVIEW: Event Kit for Eurobricks Park Ambassador 2018

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Hello everyone,

I was looking back and was inspired by my past MOC reviews for my Eurobricks event which can be found over here (Yellow Castle) and there (PAB store). I thought of continue my attending tradition and simple reviewing coverage of the special event kit which was presented to Eurobricks attendees for the Eurobricks Event in Billund for 2018. Without further ado, let's take a look at this awesome special event kit. :wub: 

An original box image of the Eurobricks Event Set 2018 - Park Ambassador

This event kit was specially designed by our Eurobricks Ambassador, @CopMike. To honour the ongoing craze of the new LEGO BrickHeadz theme, CopMike had put his creative thoughts and put together a total 65 LEGO bricks. Eurobricks attendees is proudly able to receive the exclusive LEGO Park Ambassador on 27 May 2018.  For your info, the actual Park Ambassador can be found at the entrance of LEGOLAND Billund in a form of marching band. There are probably around 50 to 60 copies ever produced and I am very honoured to own this event kit. 

The content of the sealed box

This event kit come with a ziploc bag and an AFOL instructions which was kindly produced by Swebrick (Sweden LUG) and @anders67.

Special printed parts and interesting bricks

Awesome parts selection and knowing CopMike's taste of bricks especially the trans-green 2x2 bricks. Those special printed parts are completely printed with nil stickers. You can't ask more than that and you ought to be pleased that this BrickHeadz come with back printing. :tongue: 

The completed built of the Eurobricks Event Set 2018 - Park Ambassador

Superb nice looking traditional yellow skin BrickHeadz. I love this design very much and there's nothing more for me to add. You can take a closer look from the side view

Thanks to CopMike (Eurobricks Ambassador), Swebrick and Anders67

WhiteFang and Belun attended the Eurobricks Event, Billund 2018

I hope you have enjoyed viewing this simple MOC review coverage for the 14th Eurobricks Event 2018. :sweet: 

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Thanks for taking the time to do this lovely review of this lovely EB event set Fangy!  It's nice to record these sets for posterity.

I love that CopMike always puts rare parts inside where you can't see them :laugh:

I haven't built mine yet :blush:

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I just finished building mine and now it has it spot beside all the other event kits from the last years. :wub:

Big thanks to Copmike for doing these and nice that you posted it on the forums Whitefang. Now everyone can enjoy a bit of the event spirit. :thumbup:

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