[MOC] Aristote Paxeros

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Hi !

I've built a half-man half-mosquito half-alien MOC this week, called Aristote Paxeros :


 He's an alien gastronome who travels the universe to taste the blood of different species. Of course, he's civilized, so he collects his food with a special syringe. The vials allow him to store up to two separate meals :


When he arrived on Earth, he became friends with Diogenes Trexler, the most powerful wizard in the world.

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Wow, this is so cool! I adore the strange, long, thin arms and lower legs of the fellow, and the colors contrast wonderfully. Those dark red shells make perfect eyes, I even like the mini build for his syringe gun!

Oh, before anyone else says it...

"Wow... this sauce is ******* amazing, you said this was promoting a movie?"

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