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[SR - FB7 Oct] "Because They're Pirates!"

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2:
Sinbad the Pirate
Hang The Rules
Rescued Shipwright
Shipwright's Office
The Komodo Dragon

Back in Rassilon, a group of nobleman were visiting to investigate whether they could set up a shop in town.

BoBS: Because They're Pirates!

As they checked in with the port master, they were told that Rassilon had a rule that no weapons were allowed to be carried in the town. So each one was leaving his weapons behind.

BoBS: Because They're Pirates!

Just then some men walked past, each openly carrying weapons. So the man from Oleon spoke up and asked, "Hey, why do we have to leave our weapons but they get to keep theirs?"

"Well you see, they're pirates" answered the port master. "They aren't law abiding citizens like yourselves. So they can't be expected to keep the rules like you honest folk now can they?"

BoBS: Because They're Pirates!

"Well, yes" said the man from Oleon. "I supposed that makes sense."

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