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[SR - FB1 Oct] Rescued Shipwright

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2:
Sinbad the Pirate
Hang The Rules

Sinbad and his crew had set sail for Rassilon shortly after rescuing the men condemned to hang. Once they were anchored in the harbor, Sinbad took the first man and rowed him to the docks.

BoBS: A Man Rescued

"You can take the hood off now Simon" said Sinbad.

"Why did you rescue me?" answered Simon.

"You're one of the most famous shipwrights," Sinbad answered. "I couldn't let a man of your talents go to waste. There are some new powers on the seas these days. They are regulating the number of ships a man can sail. Can you believe it!?! As leader of a band of pirate captains, I can't let that slow me down."

BoBS: A Man Rescued

"How can I help?" asked Simon.

"I need you to help legitimize my fleet if anyone should scrutinize my ledgers. And, I need you to build me a ship" replied Sinbad.

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