Gothic train station "Ironwood" - 10199 / 10249 style modular passenger depot

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This model was inspired by set 10199 / 10249, Winter Village toy Shop. I  originally built this as an open-back building in 2013, and scrapped it in 2015 for a larger, full-bodied station.  I never did forget about this model, and rediscovered it while looking for my Hogsmeade station to go with my Hogwarts Express model I had designed.


The model will be finished in real bricks very soon, and as such I have tweaked it again by adding stairs to the top floor where the station master's office is. The track side also features a space for eight printed 1 x 1 letter tiles to be placed to designate the station name along with plenty of passenger seating along the five-track-long platform. That's three tracks longer than the new Winter Village train station, and mine also features a rear wall and second story!


Here is the street side of the station. This side includes an overhang that protects passengers entering the structure from the rain along with a wheelchair / luggage ramp access to the platform.


The model features two modular lift-off levels and two split-away platform sections, along with some inside details.


The lower floor features a fireplace, four chairs, and a desk for workers to hand out tickets.


The top level features the station master's office, which is accessible via the staircase from the lower level. 

Here is the complete LDD file. I already have 95% of this model collected IRL, and I just need to order the last 500 parts early next month.

Comments, Questions, and Complaints are always welcome!


UPDATED 8/23/17: added new pictures and staircase to the model. LDD file also updated!

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Main post UPDATED 8/23/17: added new pictures to the post and staircase to the model. LDD file also updated.


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Just have to say, I really like this station. Simple, yet elegant. Really eye catching.  I might choose a lighter or brighter color scheme, but that's irrelevant. Great work. 

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