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I've used the shipwreck from 60095 set, 60091 set and the landscape module from 60092 set to create a LEGO based aquarium landscape. It took me around two months to create the optimal equilibrium between substratum, background, plants and fish population. Now everything is ok and the Neon Tetra group members found their night shelter under the shipwreck's cabin.

35448168355_c2b1a2ce4f_c.jpgLEGO Aquarium_5 by Severus A, on Flickr

35061294660_24f1b83979_c.jpgLEGO Aquarium_4 by Severus A, on Flickr

34638549193_8c59c69d35_c.jpgLEGO Aquarium _2 by Severus A, on Flickr

34638553133_8cb832ec6a_c.jpgLEGO Aquarium_1 by Severus A, on Flickr

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23 hours ago, TechnicRCRacer said:

Nice! This reminds me of when I was at a sushi restaurant and they used a Lego boat as a shipwreck in their big fish tank!:laugh:


13 hours ago, Vindicare said:

What a cool idea! That looks great too.

Thank you :classic:

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