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[O - F09] No turning back

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Location: F09
Tags: civil, building, vehicle, land vehicle

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  <Sound of quiet chimes> Lu?

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  I'm here, CLAPPIE. I'm in position.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Good. Stand by.



I'm on Arium Minor, outside a Kawashita fabrication complex that CLAPPIE has managed to gain control of. It's largely automated, but there are security patrols and maintenance staff. CLAPPIE says they'll be out of the way shortly, and then I'll be clear to head into the complex.


I'm still not sure what I'm doing here. In CLAPPIE we trust, I guess.

A sudden sound echos through the air, like the scream of an impossibly large beast.
Air raid.
I'm six years old, and the war my parents have been watching on the holovids has come to our settlement. I'm fourteen, and Olympus Mons is erupting for the first time in 25 million years. A choking cloud of burning death rolls down its flanks toward the city. I'm -


32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  Attention all personnel: incoming Octan strike force detected. Proceed immediately to the nearest shelter. This is not a drill.


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Lu – time to go.

32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  I repeat – orbital strike force detected. Defensive team, report to shelter #6. All other personnel: proceed immediately to the nearest shelter.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Follow the tracks, I'll open the door.



I make my way inside. The siren has stopped, and the corridors are deserted. CLAPPIE has patched the Kawa comms into my headset. It sounds like everyone is in the shelters.


6.jpg  Defense One to Minder.

32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  I'm listening.

6.jpg  Minder, we've assembled in shelter 6, but the doors have locked behind us.

32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  I have decided it will be safer if everyone remains in shelter.

6.jpg  But who's going to operate the turrets?!

32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  I will operate them myself. Minder out.


Ten minutes later...


17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Alright CLAPPIE, I'm on sublevel 4. What the hell am I doing here?


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Lu, I've instructed the machinery to fabricate the parts needed for John Hannibal's new body. Unfortunately, those parts were automatically delivered to a transport train which I am unable to control.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Why not?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  I accidentally killed the subroutine that managed it. The train will attempt to deliver the parts to a central facility several kilometers away. You need to stop the train before it leaves this facility.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  How am I supposed to stop a train?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  If you step in front of it, the safety cutouts should automatically bring it to a stop.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Should?!

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Nothing in life is certain, Lu. Please step onto the tracks now, we have little time.


This is so stupid.

Still, trusting CLAPPIE has gotten me this far.

For better or worse.





18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Good work! You will be able to operate it manually – someone is coming!


1.jpg  Stop! Keep your hands where I can see them. I knew there was something fishy going on. Defense 3 to -



I don't mean for it to happen.


I have the panicked thought that I want to push him away, and then -




18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Lu, that was amazing!

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Oh gods, I killed him -

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  I deduce, based on the fact that you are vomiting, that killing him was not your intention?

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  I was just trying to push him away!

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Ah.  Well, still.  The fact that you were able to generate a field so quickly, and accurately...

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  He was just - he was just doing his job.  We broke in here... why didn't you see him coming?!

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  It would appear that Minder's control of the facility was not as complete as I had thought.  

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  CLAPPIE, I've never killed anyone before.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  The first one is the most difficult.  

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg ...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Lu, John's ship will be landing any minute - we need to get these parts to the assembly area.  You will need to manually line the switch ahead, but the distance is short.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  ...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Lu ... I need you.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  CLAPPIE, tell me what we're really doing here.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  I will, Lu.  Soon.  But not now.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Fine.  Whatever.  Let's go.




Overall pics:







The train:






Thanks for viewing - C & C always welcome!
Full sized pics on my flickr.



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Love the facility! Both interior and exterior are excellent. Nice work with the train too, the whole thing has a very scifi movie feel to it. Seems many within Octan have odd powers going on they are struggling to understand and control. :grin:

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On 1/30/2017 at 10:22 AM, Kodan Black said:

Love the facility! Both interior and exterior are excellent. Nice work with the train too, the whole thing has a very scifi movie feel to it. <snip>

Thanks!  I think the train was inspired by my memories of the underground rail levels in the original "Half Life" game.


On 1/30/2017 at 10:22 AM, Kodan Black said:

<snip> Seems many within Octan have odd powers going on they are struggling to understand and control. :grin:

22292863810_311b22054a_s.jpg  It's no mystery - it all comes down to hard work, and a fantastic corporate culture!

-Kevin (from HR)

On 1/30/2017 at 3:38 PM, mediumsnowman said:

The rail line looks great, and the faded warning stickers give it a great industrial vibe. 

Thank you!  I was worried the dark grey of the printed pieces would clash with the dark bley in the rest of it, but I liked the warning stripes enough that I decided to risk it.

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