10255 Assembly Square

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Here is my interior shots of the Assembly Square. Most interior pictures still need more detail and tile on the floor but I have so many open projects it eventually will get done. As always thanks for the appreciation.


Unfinished dance studioBirdseye view unfinished dance studio

 here is the third floor with the storm troopers taking ballet I have a lot more to add here and tile the dance floor itself I'm also going to add a few more storm troopers .

Birdseye view of the music storeRear interior music store

 This is the second floor guitar music shop she's having trouble choosing a guitar also I did a double door that leads out to the balcony the third floor also has a balcony as well

Birdseye view coffee shopFront interior coffee shopCheck out counter coffee shopRear interior coffee shop

 This is the first floor coffee shop very busy checkout counter with overpriced coffee I'm going to put more many figs in to fillet also there's outdoor seating in the back of the building 

Back of assembly square, coffee/dance studio

 This is just the back of the building with the balconies the tables go where it's not tiled I just haven't finished 

Rooftop dance studio exterior

this is a picture of the rooftop it's very similar to the factory one I just changed a couple colors and tile is nothing major

Exterior front flower shop

 This is the front of the flower shop not much going on here I did make the fountain bigger and use 1x1 rounds to fill it.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask 

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