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Okay, don't get mad. I started all over. I took everything apart. But, this time it's (going to be) better. I started out with the "underground" stuff, aka the home for the dwarves. I quite like the design for the pillars and the floor. Anyway, I'll let you be the judge.


Notice the big empty area on the right, that is going to be an area for orcs to dig around in.

And I felt like making some figures, so I decided to make some dwarves.


Some soldiers, need to get more of those stickers for more soldiers.


The king (in blue) and his most trusted council-guy (don't know the English word for it...)

Anyway, hope you like it!

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The floor and those supporting pillars are beautiful. Nice minifigures, too! Are the horns on the third soldier from the left official, or from a set I'm unfamiliar with?

Your king looks great, but might look a little better with a short cloak from one of the hobbit sets (or something along those lines.) Similarly, the advisor might look better with a white beard, like the recent santa claus one (or an older one like Majisto's!) to go better with that great hair piece.

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Thanks! No, those horns are not official. They are from, I believe from the viking line they have.

The only white beard I have is, I think, an ugly one. So when I get around to order more bricks I'll see if I can order a nice beard too. And the cape is indeed a nice idea! Not sure if I have a short cape in blue, but then I might cut up a normal blue cape so that it fits... Not sure though, not a huge fan of "destroying" parts.

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