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[O-H06] Those Who Live on the Backs of Others

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"...Walk all over their hosts"

The Invasive Species: Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Part 5

Part 6

Part 7 (Finale)

Tags: Science, Civil Buildings,

Planet: Farmolis (The Axle, in Orbit)

First time Readers of my story, check the bellow Spoilers section for some relevant info/links.

Organizations and Locations:

Andromeda Galaxy:

The Andromeda Galaxy is a resource rich galaxy into which Humanity has recently expanded after discovering a system of "gates" that allow fast travel between solar systems. Three human corporations have come to dominate this galaxy, Octan, who's colours are white green and red, Kawashita, grey red and dark red, and MANTIS, black and all shades of green.

Octan (Corporation):

Specialized in everything, OctanCorp is the leading company in providing minifigs with everything they need. From the outside, the company presents a smiling face. But is it the same face it shows to its competitors?

29379783242_a5bbe1630b_q.jpgOnix (Planet):

Onix is the only planet in the galaxy where Copper can be found. A volcanic planet, Onix is dominated by black rock with patches of tan and brown mosses and black-stalked alien vegetation on its fertile north-pole.

29199181240_95c986a653_q.jpgOni-Ren (Species):

Named by an early Kawashita explorer whose crew was taken hostage and eaten by one of their smaller clans, the Oni-Ren are natives of Onix that have developed a reputation throughout the galaxy as a backwards people. A.L.I.E.N. refuses to work with them, since the Zoid are considered a delicacy by the Oni-Ren, and the uncooperative feeling is mutual. They are one-eyed humanoid sentients with a tough hide and high heat tolerance. The Oni-Ren are universally matriarchal, and not egalitarian, with the males of the species unable to hold positions of power, and often serving as foot soldiers during times of war. The largest organized government of the Oni-Ren, the Gongen Empire, dominates almost the entirety of Onix's north pole where some of the most fertile land, and greatest deposits of copper can be found. The empire is characterized by lack of trust for Offworlders, and maintains a policy of isolationism. The Oni-Ren from the empire and those within its range of influence all follow a similar religion featuring a pantheon of celestial figures for whom many copper statues have been erected. Recently a deadly illness has spread to the Gongen Empire, known as "Black-Eye"... the Gongen Empire lacks the technology level to effectively combat the illness and refuses to work with outsiders who may be able to help them.

28863019754_20183a7c32_q.jpgThe O.C.S. Axle (Spaceship):

The Axle is a supermassive spaceship. Larger than a megacity, and filled with Octan's top employees, the O.C.S. Axle is a primarily scientific vessel, hosting a myriad of prized scientific and engineering projects. The hub that is the Axle is overseen by Dr. Danielle Long, who oversees and prioritizes projects, and keeps its internal transport systems running on time. Many Octan employees use the Axle as their base of operations, including the Andromeda-branch CEO himself.


28864598573_c0e100e3d0_q.jpgDr. Danielle Long (PC; my main character):

A callous and corporate-serving human, Dr. Long is the Chief Administrative Officer of the O.C.S. Axle, and the second highest ranking scientific officer in Octan's Andromeda Branch, as well as being the Third Branch Executive. Dr. Long is characterized by ruthless pragmatism and a cold demeanor, as well as strict adherence to protocol. With a borderline mechanical outlook on life, and an occasionally hot temper, Dr. Long represents Octan's interests, public and private, and refuses to let any obstacles stand in her way.

29378811052_d2351fd827_q.jpgJebediah O'Reilly (PC belonging to Mediumsnowman):

Octan's most reliable Special Forces Agent (And higher ranking than Dr. Long at the beginning of this story arc), Mr. O'Reilly is a masterful agent of intelligence-gathering, sabotage, espionage, and all manner of covert activity. Jebediah belongs where Octan publicly does not. Dr. Long and Jebediah have worked together for quite some time now, and have developed a good working relationship.

28862481834_5860592508_q.jpgDr. Martenz (NPC, originally introduced by player Kodan Black):

A prideful virologist who's always short-staffed, Dr. Martenz heads research on the Black-Eye virus. Often assigned to produce pathology reports for the planets Octan occupies, Dr. Martenz has found himself stuck in-between a rock in the form of the Oni-Ren's unwillingness to collaborate, and a hard-place in the form of Octan's need for copper from Onix.

28862404854_6c24cd73f3_q.jpgDr. Ilba Edris (NPC):

A compassionate and Loyal employee of Octan, and longtime associate of Dr. Long's Dr. Edris is a high-ranking member of Octan's Archaeology and Anthropology department.

29487514355_1709c64d47_q.jpgKevin (NPC belonging to Lucaslaughing):

The smiling mouthpiece for Octan's Human Resources Department, Kevin is the bright and cheery face of Corporate with whom Dr. Long most frequently interacts. Kevin strives to ensure that Octan's Andromeda Branch is functioning at maximum capacity, at full efficiency, at peak harmony, no matter what! He simply loves to see Octan's objectives accomplished, and knows all about people (he's a certified Human Resources professional, after-all). Kevin's sunny disposition and overly-warm attitude certainly does not belie a secretive menacing malevolence. Definitely not. Look into those eye. Would those eyes lie to you? Never.

28865530853_e4b92fced1_q.jpgOdus Dillberg (NPC):

Dr. Long's Administrative Assistant, Odus Dillberg is an earnest and well-intentioned younger man. Odus was hired by Dr. Long because she was required to have a secretary, and in an act of irritation, she hired Odus because he looked good in a suit. She did not hire him for reasons of ability, and as a result she is constantly disappointed by his lack of competence. For Odus's part, he really does try, and manages to keep a smile of his face throughout her tirades.

The story that introduces much of this story's exposition is found here.

Aboard the Axle, in Orbit of Farmolis


(not a new build)

Dr. Long: "This is Dr. Danielle Long, please respond, Mr. Dillberg.

Odus Dillberg: "Danielle!? Is that you!? How've you been!?"

Dr. Long: "I'm on my way. I'll be on the Axle within 8 standard business hours. Please prepare for my arrival."

Odus: "With pleasure!" :grin:

An hour or so later...

27462467080_8b68dfe39e_z.jpgSecretaries by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Ding dong the Long is back! The Doctor Long is back!

Odus: "Alright, Alexis, forward the return message to all Axle employees. Bubba-Jack, you coordinate with the discovery division so that we can get all those old reports on her desk. I will go tidy up my office.

Many hours later....

27129740333_b40596dba7_z.jpgSecretaries by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Dr. Long: "Odus."

Odus: "Danielle! Oh, you're back! thank gods! I've been so overburdened by work! I had to hire ten new secretaries to help me, and of course, I used your automated Dr. Holo-Long AI for morale and to lighten the load, but... wow... it's not easy, what you do."

Dr. Long: "No. It's not easy, but someone has to make sure the spaceships run on time. Now... ten new secretaries did you say? You'll have to fire them... Well... Fire 9 of them. A transitional second secretary could be useful."

Odus: "O-oh. Ok. I... I guess I could do that."

Dr. Long: "Good. I take it relevant discovery files and status updates have been forwarded to my office?"

Odus: "Your secondary office... The Primary office is still under... renovations."

Dr. Long: "I see. Excellent. It's good to be back. I'll speak with you later, more, after I get caught up. Thank you for taking care of things while I was away."

Odus: "You're... you're welcome."


Later, In a pathology lab on Onix:

27666962661_373371a35e_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Dr. Krasnoyarsk: "The Date is Junalli 6, 3816. This is Dr. Perry Krasnoyarsk, conducting dissection of suspected disease Vector of the Oni-Ren plague, "Black Eye."

"The Foveanus torpeonus, or Xerillian Ant-scorpion, has been cited as a non-native species on Onix, likely carried here by one of Octan's Biomass harvesting vessels transferred from Xerillian. The ant-scorpion is known to overpower and outcompete local omnivores and scavengers, as they lack native predators, are well protected with an array of natural defenses, such as a numbing sting a viscous bite, and tough, heat resistant hide. Their presence has been determined to correlate with outbreaks of the native Oni-Ren illness "Black Eye." The "Black Eye" illness is caused by a virus native to the southern regions of this planet, but which has lately spread to the largest organized group of Oni-Ren, who dwell on the North Pole's Rocky Plains region. The objective of my research today is to dissect the Foveanus torponus to observe on a macroscopic scale what, if any, physical indications of Black Eye may be present, or if the xenoarthropod is carrying a parasite that may instead be the disease vector."

27666917781_e0731930e7_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

"Specimen sample acquired. I will start with the dorsal carapace of the Foveanus torponus. I have selected a sample of back tissue, and will now observe under the microscope."

27640965242_dd2f26ab1e_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

"Hmm.... There are several lumps present... bite-marks... it appears..."

27463485160_a894ef196c_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

"Fascinating.... I may have just discovered our culprit."

27128935864_3c37af034d_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

27130664653_a79e4451a0_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

"There is a parasite on the back of the Ant-scorpion. This appears to be a Yetornius lava-mite... known vectors of several diseases on their homeworlds, although, fortunately harmless to humans, as they refuse to colonize our soft skin, as they find it unsuitable. A hard skinned being such as an Oni-Ren may be a suitable host... Hmm... This requires further investigation. I'll need to show this to my superior, Dr. Martenz."

27128966654_600959f7f3_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

"Dr. Martenz; I've found something."

Dr. Martenz: "Excellent. What have you found?"

Dr. Krasnoyarsk: "The Foveanus torponus specimen is infested by Acarus morbus, from Yetornius; a well-documented disease vector."

Dr. Martenz: "Great work. Send me a selection of cells sample from the mite. I'll look it over downstairs."

Much Later, after cell culturing, and a lot of leg work:

27707784986_1cf0959f6b_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Dr. Martenz: "Hmm... Yes... Mmmhmm. Ooh. Fascinating. Yes, I believe we've found the virus. Running report... and done. Turn off the electron microscope, Ba'al-Ba'al.

Oni-Ren: "Yessa."

27130838213_1ca4c25996_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Dr. Matrenz: "I hear Dr. Long has returned to the Axle... Time to report our findings to her, I think."


27129085334_d580738059_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Dr. Martenz: "Yes, the office of Dr. Long, please."

Meanwhile, aboard the Axle, in orbit Farmolis...


Dr. Long: "Yes, Odus, put him on. I'll take the call here."

27707749946_1c1ce46dc9_z.jpgLiving on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr

Dr. Martenz: "Dr. Long?"

Dr. Long: "Speaking."

Dr. Martenz: "I believe we've discovered the disease vector. Of Black-Eye. It's a mite that's infested the invasive species, Xerillian ant-scorpion."

Dr. Long: "Good work. And how goes progress on the vaccine?"

Dr. Martenz: "Vaccines don't happen overnight. This isn't some sci-fi space Opera, Dr. Long. It takes at least a month to develop a vaccine."

Dr. Long: "I want it yesterday. This is a very important bargaining chip in our ongoing negotiations with the Oni-Ren. And what of the monarch? Is she still unwilling to hear our requests for cooperation regarding mining rights? I see you have an Oni-Ren in there with you. Has progress been made?"

Dr. Martenz: "No. This is Ba'al-Ba'al Jinks; a political dissident, banished from the Oni-Ren Queen's domain who has since sworn loyalty to Octan. I literally ran into her in the fire swamps. She's been functioning as a lab assistant, cultural informant, and translator. "

Ba'al-Ba'al Jinks: "Messa Ba'al Ba'al Jinks! Messa your humble servant!"

Dr. Long: "Why do I sense we've picked up another pathetic lifeform?"

Dr. Martenz: "What?"

Dr. Long: "Nothing. Good work. Tell me when you have the vaccine, or if the Queen changes her mind about allowing us access to the copper fields... I mean... Their hunting grounds... Dr. Long out."

Dr. Martenz: "Wait! I forgot to ask for more people to help me in my work!"


Slow and full of exposition, but there we have it. Episode 1 of "The Invasive Species"

~Insectoid Aristocrat

Edited by Dannylonglegs

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Love both the microscope and the zoomed-in view. Judging from the back of the scorpion, It's summer where you live. :tongue:

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I like this small pieces of labs... and definitely I will keep the idea of the holographic phone.

Good job the macro mode on the lava-mite

Thanks! And go ahead and use the holo-phones! :grin:


Love both the microscope and the zoomed-in view. Judging from the back of the scorpion, It's summer where you live. :tongue:

Thanks! I wish I could have gotten a shot without the reflection, but I only had one shot at it, and had to keep the less-than-perfect pictures.

Great build! I hate the Oni-Ren already. #keepjarjarinthestarwarsforum :laugh:


If you don't like the Oni-Ren, I've got some great news for you... :look:

The judges awarded you 4 points.


~Insectoid Aristocrat

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